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Startup Investment Forum(SIF) 2022

A major hurdle for startups in Saudi Arabia has been an inability to raise initial seed fund investments

As part of the 2030 vision, Saudi Arabia believes in the role of the small and medium businesses towards the economic growth and hence is willing to support these organizations by opening up investment opportunities to them by establishing an SME Authority, which works on providing business-friendly regulations, easier access to funding, international partnerships and a greater share of national procurement and government bids. 

As both public and private sectors are now focusing on the entrepreneurship sector, a significant increase trend has been observed in different investment related aspects for startups.

Startup Investment Forum (SIF) 2021

A three (3) days exhibition that provides opportunities to startups from around globe to expand their businesses to the Saudi market and meet investors. More than 20 international Startups are joining applied from different parts of the world, such as UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, US, UK Honkong and India; in addition to 27 innovative Saudi startups the finalist of the 5th MITEF Saudi Startup Competition.

4-6 March
-Startup exhibition
-Startup pitches
-Investment deal sessions
-Venture Capitalists
-Capital Firms
-Individual Investors


Exposure to Investors
An exposure to Entrepreneurs’ product/service to a huge network of investors, business people, and government bodies
Investment opportunities
An opportunity to raise funds and meet investors
Insights from the StartSmart conference that takes place at the same time of the exhibition
Bringing Local, Regional and International Investors to Saudi Arabia
The current Startup Investment portfolio is diluted with investors portfolio. Through SIF, potential investors gain an insight to understand audacity of Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.
A win-win situation
Through interaction and partnerships between local and international portfolios, benchmarks can be set for pitching and investment processes. This will help in easing the process flow and create a win-win situation for all.
Supporting Vision 2030 mandate: Boosting GDP Through SMEs
Through this platform, Entrepreneurs will win the opportunity to get investments and develop their business and eventually, boost the country's economy further


842 attendees at SIF
224 attendees- Day 1
419 attendees- Day 2
199 attendees- Day 3
50 Startups exhibited their projects to Investors
27 Local & 23 International Startups
6 Educational Workshops
Conducted by Entrepreneurial institutions professionals
162 Investment meetings
196 beneficiaries of workshops
80 Team pitches

23 International Startups

2 Entrepreneurship License  Issued by MISA
20 Entrepreneurship License to expand to Saudi Market Under process


11 Startups


06 Startups


02 Startups


04 Startups


1 Startup

Final List Startups - SIF
CarSwitch is digitizing used car sales in the GCC - for buyers every car is pre-inspected, and the journey is digitized from viewing the quality of cars, to asking questions, making offers, getting insurance and getting assistance through out transfer. For sellers, they set their own price and manage the journey through their app
Lexyom, Inc
Lexyom is an Online platform that provides automated legal services for Startups & SMEs using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.
E-commerce store selling plants & gardening products
Singular capital
``Singular is focused on an important but niche problem that the current market players are missing. Robinhood has democratized buying and selling securities.

Wealthfront/Betterment have democratized the chore of getting invested in a passive, low-cost market-weighted portfolio. Singular is democratizing active, sophisticated wealth management for the masses. ``

Stornest Solutions
``STORNEST provides a unique service (digital tool for legacy planning) designed to share to your loved information that you keep private while you are alive, in case something happens to you. Our mission is to provide peace of mind for our clients now, and for their loved ones when they may need it the most.

The way it works is clients upload their information (information on financial/real estate/other assets, passwords, crypto-currency keys, etc.) in their cloud folder, we check if they are doing well, and if needed we share the stored information with their assigned beneficiaries. The service has been designed with end-to-end maximum security using the strictest security design and features, because we use some of the world’s most advanced security features and infrastructure. The technical infrastructure of the system is based on ZKP (zero knowledge proof technology), an innovative cryptographic blockchain based solution that provides top notch state-of-the-art security.

``Financial institutions need IT systems to operate. Those systems are expensive, they are complex and they are also restrictive as they don't easily adapt to the ever-changing tasks of employees and ever-changing needs of clients. As a result, employees struggle and clients suffer.

We have developed a system which is agile enough to serve clients in the way they want. Our Cloud-based Core Banking System is built around the needs of the people (employees, clients) and takes the complexity out of banking. It is ideal for modern banks, in particular smaller size financial institutions. For those who cannot change their Core Banking System, we also have developed modular solutions that optimise the most popular processes like customer onboarding or loan appraisal.

Thanks to OpenCBS, financial institutions bring down their costs, employees sell more and ultimately, clients are better served and happier. ``

Datacultr Fintech limited
DATACULTR is a risk mitigation & collections management platform for financial institutions, it uses AI-driven behavioural models, that help banks ensure on-time repayments from unbanked & high-risk borrowers, effectively reducing overall NPAs
GPS-enabled platform to help patients order, schedule and refill their recurring prescriptions as well as manage all pharmacy needs
Ordera is a mobile application helping users to order their food & coffee with ease through multiple convenient ordering channel (Pickup, Drive-thru or Delivery) and gets rewarded every time. Through our different subscriptions options, the user will be able to save money the more he makes orders through the application.
Ajeer is an on-demand platform that connects homeowners and maintenance service providers at competitive prices & quality.
Solactron, Inc.
``Solactron is a Silicon-Valley-based technology company offering next generation CIGS (CuInGaSe2) thin film solar solutions.
Solactron’s key value proposition is to manufacture low cost, high efficiency solar photovoltaic panels using thin-film CIGS technology and a proprietary manufacturing/production process We call this process “CIGS 2.0” and it is protected by several patents. The intended use is in industrial and utility grade energy generation projects. The process drastically reduces the cost of PV solutions to the end-user and improves the efficiency of the system compared to existing solutions. Solactron will be positioned to become a leading provider in the world-wide multi-trillion-dollar energy-generation market.
Vapulus platform is the payment gateway that connects MENA startups and businesses to directly process payments globally, allowing your business to accept payments and grow your customer base across online, in-app, and in store. Vapulus is 0% transaction fees.
a marketplace that matches top talented cybersecurity professionals with tech companies to secure their apps
Moodfit is the smartest way to furnish a space!
TechieMatter is a specialized technical recruitment web solution that delivers tech talents to employers hassle-free and quickly, backed by reputable global change-makers such as 500.co & enpact.org, thanks to our proprietary vetting system we have become the trusted go-to source for tech recruitment for hundreds of employers in 9 countries.
Dawsat leverages the power of advanced technology together with, local Arabic culture and cuisine to reverse the trend of obesity and diabetes in the Arab world. Dawsat serves employers and insurers to create and maintain healthy lifestyle and behavior among their employees and beneficiaries.
``Odiggo, a platform that will save people’s lives by insuring that people get the right parts with the best quality at a convenient time, so they no longer need to wait for car parts again or go to a market that is ugly or broken. 
So by simply adding their car info & location on Odiggo app, they will see what services/parts are offered for their cars in their area,
Iris Solutions
Iris Solutions is provider for interactive sensory technologies. We design relaxing therapeutic spaces for schools, centres and hospitals. Our flagship product sensoryREADY is installed in more than 250 educational and rehabilitative institutions, and providing safe spaces for more than 70 thousand children and adults.
Activ is a SaaS platform for activ lifestyles users, venues, and destinations.
``Proteinea is an insect-based biotechnology startup. We are redefining the economics of building with biology by offering a one-step process to produce high-quality recombinant proteins of interest in an affordable, environmentally sustainable, and predictable manner.

Recombinant proteins ( like vaccines, insulin, alternative proteins, and much more) are on the rise due to the high demand, but the current method based on single-cell technologies using bioreactors is not efficient. Proteinea has developed a patent-pending technology for using insects as mini-bioreactors to produce recombinant proteins on a scale at a significantly lower cost. It’s robust, scalable, and significantly more advantageous than conventional bioreactors.``

Tourastio is a travel planner that generates travel packages with a pre-trained AI model.
Geek Express
Geek Express is an Ed-tech platform enabling K-12 students with STEM skills through a multidimensional learning journey of online classes, DIY kits and self-paced lessons. We set the model for a futuristic school where students can acquire relevant skills independently of age, location and medium of learning.
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