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SR 20 000
Second winner:
SR 15 000
Third winner:
SR 10 000

We are looking for innovative and scalable ideas that provide effective business or social solutions.


1st winner
2nd winner
3rd winner


  • “We Care with Love” Initiative
  • Money Cloud
  • Qisma
  • Derma now application
  • Leo’s Lounge

Winners of Round 1 MIT Enterprise Forum


An application which links the expertise of professionals in psychology, early years education, and special educational needs with working mothers. ProCare offers an online service to provide both care and educational services to families. The application provides job opportunities to independent specialists while helping to solve social, educational and pedagogical problems.


Alaa Al Mulla
Chief Executive Officer
Izzat Al Mulla


An application that helps users gain easy access to high-quality and affordable legal advice. The application facilitates communication between users and legal advisors through a developed audio and video system. In addition, users will be able to book appointments with legal teams and coordinate with lawyers to carry out legal proceedings. The application also helps users to review assess their experiences with lawyers/legal advisors and provide useful feedback and recommendations to other.

The app provides convenient and safe payment options which protect the rights of all parties involved. Moreover, it provides an online space where lawyers can present and offer their services, which means the application also becomes a convenient directory of legal services.


Dr. Khalil Al Yahya
Founder and CEO
Ahmed El Sayed
Marketing and Public Relations Officer
Ahmed Said
Secretary and Finance
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