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First winner:
SR 100 000
Second winner:
SR 25 000
Third winner:
SR 15 000

We are targeting high impactful startups who are legally registered in Saudi Arabia, with skilled and experienced team members, and scalable and expandable business or social activities



Problem for busy women
It is a serious problem for busyworking women to find childcare in a convenient way.

  • No Flexible childcare by the hour.
  • Not Available at nights and weekends
  • Not Organized and messy market.

A C2C platform that connects between home nurseries and parents.

Nugttah is a customer engagement platform that makes customers close to the business owners by supplying the customer with digital menu, pickup order experience and loyalty solution that can be tailored and customize to match the business owner needs.
Here are the services in more details:

  • Digital menu: menu will show all products of the shop with price and pictures
  • Pickup order experience: pickup orders supports the cashierless/contactless experience to enable customers to place, pay and track their orders using their phones
  • Loyalty: customer wont leave the shop without earning points and/or stamps based on the business owner customized loyalty program
  • Analytics: business owners will be able to access different reports and information to know more about their customers
  • Marketing: Business owner can request marketing campaign to be triggered through notifications, SMS or emails

Smart Podium
Smart Podium is an integrated online training platform that brings together trainers, trainees, training centers, government, private and non-profit agencies to deliver webinars, training programs and virtual conferences over the Internet through live broadcasting and recorded videos. It has many features like profiling, online purchasing, payment gateway, rating, surveys, digital certificate with verification unit and artificial intelligence recommendation engines for all users of the platform according to their needs, that allows speakers and trainers to deliver their programs live broadcasting.
Future Platform
Future Platform is Virtual Reality services company that provides VR solutions for many fields and to create visual experience and better understanding. We’re mainly focusing on developing VR applications for most platforms including goggles like Oculus Quest, creating 360 VR tours & web VR services and also training individuals and groups to develop VR applications too. At the meantime, we are concentrating on both educational & engineering fields and planning to expand our services to cover others field in the near future.
Our websites explains the Company's domain
We build smart-service devices that limit the usage of equipment and electronic components compared to traditional devices. Our products depend more on cloud systems, making them more flexible and customizable. This makes us able to sell any product, whether a piece of candy or a dining table.
Hudhud A
An AI system using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms with a chatbox that provides high-quality analysis of complaints and tickets regardless of the writing method, form or accent (in Arabic). Then, the system selects the appropriate procedures and replies to clients within seconds. This solution can process 80% of all requests without human intervention. Decisions are taken according to the organization's standards and type of complaint. Each ticket requires less than 10 seconds, and since the system is fully automated, there is no limited to the number of requests, tickets that can be processed simultaneously.
An on-demand warehousing platform which provides storage services to small and medium enterprises
Linkers IoT
Linkers enable retailers to stay ahead of the game and bridge the gap with showroom data analytics automating decisions based on shopfloor IoT sensors' real-time information. With the help of Linkers sensor to cloud technology, customers are able to increase their revenue by automating location based marketing campaigns and increase the number of staff based on real-time showrooms traffic, as well as save time and money by automating maintenance calls based on machines real-time performance.
Women who are facing changes in their lifestyle such as being a mother, having a career shift, or changes in weight, they’re in a phase where they need support and feel confident to adapt themselves. While the apparel shopping experience is inconvenient and the fashion e-commerce consumes a lot of time and energy to search and return; the stylists market is still not accessible. We have a web application that offers online personal styling delivered to you. At Tafayette, you let us know a little bit about yourself and we have a team of expert stylists, with the help of some tools curate outfits online based on budget, size, and style from a variety of local and international brands then ship them right to your doorstep. You keep what you like and return the rest. You receive the box on a subscription base, seasonal base, or just per purchase request. We are a data-driven business approach and “assisted commerce” model that combines data science and the human touch.
Spider Connect
Share all your contact information and social media accounts with one tap, A More Modern approach for networking and an excellent alternative to the traditional business cards
Shgardi connects people to the things they love through affordable instant delivery. We launched in October 2019, and we have the lowest prices in the market. We provide two main services, on-demand, and integrated food delivery. We serve 1.4 million customers through a network of 400,00 freelance drivers in 85+ cities across Saudi Arabia.
Conforming and to realize the 2030 vision of encouraging the transformation of Saudi into a digital society, Bashqash came out as an integrated payment solution (hardware, back end and mobile app) for closed communities like events, exhibitions, shopping malls, food courts and residential compounds...etc. The concept proved working fine with schools and universities as well as FMCG distributors!
Providing physical therapy by linking patients to specialists and monitoring the process through our website.
Hesba provides technological real estate solutions starting from real estate valuation. Beneficiaries can submit requests to, and receive proposals from valuation companies, in additional to free-of-charge estimation of property value.
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