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Startups Track Winners

First Place: Hudhud A
An AI system using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms with a chatbox that provides high-quality analysis of complaints and tickets regardless of the writing method, form or accent (in Arabic). Then, the system selects the appropriate procedures and replies to clients within seconds. This solution can process 80% of all requests without human intervention. Decisions are taken according to the organization's standards and type of complaint. Each ticket requires less than 10 seconds, and since the system is fully automated, there is no limited to the number of requests, tickets that can be processed simultaneously.
Second Place: Nugttah
Nugttah is a customer engagement platform that makes customers close to the business owners by supplying the customer with digital menu, pickup order experience and loyalty solution that can be tailored and customize to match the business owner needs.
Here are the services in more details:

  • Digital menu: menu will show all products of the shop with price and pictures
  • Pickup order experience: pickup orders supports the cashierless/contactless experience to enable customers to place, pay and track their orders using their phones
  • Loyalty: customer wont leave the shop without earning points and/or stamps based on the business owner customized loyalty program
  • Analytics: business owners will be able to access different reports and information to know more about their customers
  • Marketing: Business owner can request marketing campaign to be triggered through notifications, SMS or emails

Thrid Place: Taffi
Women who are facing changes in their lifestyle such as being a mother, having a career shift, or changes in weight, they’re in a phase where they need support and feel confident to adapt themselves. While the apparel shopping experience is inconvenient and the fashion e-commerce consumes a lot of time and energy to search and return; the stylists market is still not accessible. We have a web application that offers online personal styling delivered to you. At Tafayette, you let us know a little bit about yourself and we have a team of expert stylists, with the help of some tools curate outfits online based on budget, size, and style from a variety of local and international brands then ship them right to your doorstep. You keep what you like and return the rest. You receive the box on a subscription base, seasonal base, or just per purchase request. We are a data-driven business approach and “assisted commerce” model that combines data science and the human touch.

Idea Track Winners

First Place: SARsat
Design and build small satellites and launch them to Space, observe earth regularly and sell images to multiple sectors, such as: Security & Defense, Oil & Gas, Vessel Tracking, Agri, Urban & City Planning, and Environment & Ocean Monitoring
Second Place: Themar
THEMAR is a Sharia compliant peer to peer purchase financing network. Its simple platform connects small & micro business purchasers to investors through its online funding platform.
THEMAR supports businesses with their purchases. Our purchasers are small and micro enterprises that want to finance their purchases swiftly and efficiently. Our Investors are individuals or institutional investors that want to grow and diversify their investment portfolio while helping the local economy.Purchasers can easily access capital for their short-term business purchasing needs while investors can earn Sharia compliant return on their investment.
Third Place: Genomez
Genomez a Project of Medical Diagnostic Assays Designs PCR Tests & integrate Data science powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies to multiply capacity of existing molecular laboratory infrastructure.
The concept of Pooling is not new but it clinical dependability was questioned as next step if results were positive, with advancement of AI, ML technologies it became possible to tune pooling strategies based on datasets where an increase of lab testing productivity increase from 5 up to 30 folds with same infrastructure
Reopening of Positive Pool test is a challenge molecular diagnostic setup as resources of skilled personnel and the 2nd challenge to recall individuals pf positive pool for retest
Proposed solution uses 3 elements combined of AI , ML algorithms to dynamically design pooling strategy where the results are limited to less than 1% of false positive and no false negative where a test is sensitive enough in detecting Minimum infective LODs

Social Track Winners

First Place: Ad Astra
A platform that brings together specialists and families with children with special needs to perform in home therapeutic services.
The targeted children challenges are; learning difficulties (such as dyslexia), ADHD, developmental delays for children below the age of three years old, Down syndrome, autism, intellectual disability and hearing disability.
The targeted specialists are; special needs therapists, pediatric psychologists, pediatric occupational therapists, pediatric physical therapists, pediatric speech pathologists.
The therapeutic services will be held in the child's original environment, his home.
Second Place: Cube Dx
Cube Dx a Saudi Austrian partnership worked since 2015 to address an unmeet medical need we are changing the gold standard of Sepsis diagnosis. our solution is powered by an IP protected Highly Multiplexed Molecular Based Testing to save lives of forty seven millions individual affected annually and one fifth of global deaths many of which are preventable if diagnosed early.
The WHO in 2017 stated that The Early Diagnosis and Early Accurate treatment a Global Health Priority. On September 13 , 2020 The WHO Director General Dr Tedros stated on Sepsis that The World must urgently step up efforts to improve data about this terrible condition so all countries can detect and treat sepsis in time. he stressed the Need the Following Action :1, Scale-up Funding for Research. 2,improve surveillance. 3, Develop Rapid , Affordable & Appropriate Diagnostics 4, Engage & better educate Health workers & Communities.
Sepsis is a KILLER let's Fight it Together.
Third Place:Baleegh
Baligh is an Arab educational platform to build the skills of the younger generation, including their logical, linguistic, and mathematical skills.
Baligh's competitive edge comes from creating unique content on the fundamentals of sciences and skills. Users are trained using intensive gamified techniques, with daily and community challenges to increase motivation.
Baligh follows a freemium business model. Students can have limited training for free, and if they want unlimited training, they can subscribe to one of our monthly or semi-annual packages
Baligh's skill training covers:
1. capacity testing
2. Retention testing
3. General secondary school examination
The third category targets more that a million students every year, many of whom face challenges in preparing for these life-defining exams that determine their eligibility for higher education.
Baligh has served more than 50,000 students and we are working to make it the first destination for secondary school students.
We also intend to expand top middle and primary education, and increase our reach in the Gulf and the Arab World.
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