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First winner:
SR 100 000
Second winner:
SR 25 000
Third winner:
SR 15 000

We are targeting life changing social enterprises, which are legally registered in Saudi Arabia. It can be only for-profit enterprises.



Saudi Nomad is a social and collaborative economy startup that aims to promote the concept of backpacking through its fun and exciting adventures around the world. We design group tailored and adventurous experiences to breathtaking places around the world, where a person can explore what resides there beyond a comfort zone. Saudi Nomad's ultimate goal is to promote backpacking in the region and help people to experience and manage a true world-class adventures with minimum cost and how to backpack and plan their own trips for years to come. We do not believe in a spoon-fed experience as we strongly tend to educate our participants on how to spend their money to live a deeply meaningful journey, and how to meet the locals, and most importantly, how to stay safe
NABATIK is an online nursery that makes planting trees accessible to everyone. People can, from the comfort of their home, select their favorite tree, choose the location, and pay online. That’s it! We source the trees, transport them, plant them, and even take care of them. We want to make it as simple as possible for the costumer.
AYA Animations
AYA Animations is a production company bringing values-based content to children everywhere. Through engaging animations, we create early childhood edutainment promoting universal values and moral education inspired by the Qur'an. Our content offers enriching and enjoyable experiences to inspire children to lead exemplary lives and leave a lasting, positive impact on their futures, peers and environments. By reinforcing universal good manners, values and ideas, we support a cohesive and morally conscious society. We aim to deliver values-based edutainment across a variety of media including apps, books, educational material and our hero series Aya and Yusuf. We aim to make Aya and Yusuf a leading brand, by creating characters that will be role models for good manners. Our guiding theme for every episode is virtuous living and performing good deeds.
Uplift provide digital publishing solution to local news websites and help entrepreneurs to build a successful, scalable media startup. We plan to connect smaller publishers with local audience and help them to rethink how they structure and deliver local stories. Uplift is more about taking good ideas for hyperlocal content makers and seeing if there’s a way to make them sustainable, if not profitable.
Brain AI
In Brain AI, we use our Invention with the latest Technologies and IoMT To improve the Life Quality for completely disabled patients who can’t even talk to improve the dependence levels for them. Brain.Ai product is designed to aid physically disabled patients with speech impermanent to communicate with their families, and accomplish certain tasks on their own. This is accomplished by reading the patient's brain waves and turning them into specific functions for the patient. Those functions can be but not limited to: turning electronic accessories On/Off, leveraging different social media platforms , or asking the caretaker for an assistant. We are now able to send Tweets using only the Brain Waves
Maya clinic is a telemedicine ecosystem that provides real-time video and audio medical consultation for patients. Its B2B service empowering small and medium clinics to be data driven toward digital transformation. It connects Lab, Xray, Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records and medical devices all in one system with booking services.
Scientific Saudi
``The Scientific Saudi” Foundation is a media agency specialized in scientific communication. It works to disseminate knowledge and science in the Arab world by producing and publishing precise Arabic scientific content in written, visual and audio forms. The Foundation provides content production and advertising services to the scientific and commercial institutions helping them deliver their scientific and marketing messages to the whole society.
Waster turn
``Inspired by the 2030 vision, which aims to develop the present and build the future through constant advancement and modernization, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia currently witnesses a comprehensive development and cultural recovery. Waste recycling is among the main goals of this vision which seeks to transform the Saudi environment into a sustainable green one by increasing the rate of recycling. Given the increase in electronic and electrical wastes resulting from the modern lifestyle and consumption patterns, and the high environmental pollution rate stemming from burning such wastes or burying them in landfills, it was essential for all parties to work together and find appropriate solutions that would bring such mushrooming problem to a halt. “Waste Turn”, therefore, came to put environmental and social works together through technology. We work to raise the awareness on the importance of sorting electronic wastes that are extremely harmful to the environment when dumped with ordinary wastes. We present this on the site and help people get rid of the wastes and send them to the recycling companies in large quantities. “Waste Turn” does seek to motivate consumers to sort their wastes, get incentives and gifts for that and increase their income through a new source.
Al Moheet
``Al Moheet” is an open online encyclopedia that aims to disseminate knowledge and promote Arabic content on the Internet. Its articles are edited by internet users being writers or those interested in sharing knowledge and information. Site subscription is allowed by creating users accounts, then users can start writing at once. Once reviewed, their articles are published.
Saudi Youth Ambassadors Group
SYAG is an organization that aims to create a platform between the entities that provide opportunities and the youth that seek them. We currently have 500 members and counting from around Saudi Arabia, who have been evaluated through applications. We have offered many opportunities, including 10,000 volunteering hours in less than a year and internship programs. SYAG operates in three major areas in Saudi: Makkah Province, Riyadh Province, and Eastern Province. Since launching SYAG in September 2018, we've had the chance to work with many organizations, groups, and initiatives such as the Albalad project, The Saudi Food Bank (Itaam), MiSK, DSCA, G20 Saudi Secretariat, and many others, as well as schools, initiatives, and student projects.
“Teco” is a project that aims to solve the problem of the wrongful use of electronic devices by children. It provides technical awareness sessions for children on how to use electronic devices safely and correctly. We also provide support courses for care providers to educate them on the best way to deal with the technology generation.
We are a training and educational services company specialized in launching social initiatives to qualify and train girls, children and mothers from the groups we target and serve. Those include: orphans, the deaf, the handicapped, poor families and orphans of unknown parents. We design societal initiatives as per the actual needs. We then qualify them socially and for the labor market; and help them develop themselves and gain self-confidence. All these are done free of charge. We also provide support for female trainers by renting halls and getting licenses for them for small amount of money, so as to enable them provide their training programs. We have also concluded a contract with (Wa’ei association) to supervise, follow-up and widen the scope of services provided to all groups. We also cooperate with other educational institutes and institutions and provide awareness and rehabilitation programs for children and women free of charge. All our halls and logistic services are also available for serving the society.
Hayati Sukkar
“Hayati Sukkar” is an institution registered at the Ministry of Labor under the number: 2061185-1. It is a for-profit organization that aims to facilitate coexistence with diabetes without psychological and physical complications.Our mission: Providing integrated services for people with diabetes to help them cope with diabetes without physical and psychological complications. Our vision:An institution specialized in the rehabilitation of people with diabetes and in helping them coexist with it without physical and psychological complications.
We are a platform that connects mothers and fathers to babysitters who are qualified and accredited as per international standards. Babysitters can be hired at any time and any place on hourly or monthly basis. We work through the following ways: - The mother takes her baby to the nearest babysitter. - The babysitter comes to the mother in the latter’s place.
Inspired by the urgent need to improve psychological health in the Saudi society and to raise awareness concerning it in a way that contributes to mitigate the impact of individual or community crises, this non-profit endowment project was launched in 2017.
M3an App
It connects volunteers and entities that provide volunteering opportunities like charities, companies, hospitals, schools, universities, volunteer teams....etc. Also, it calculates the number of accomplished volunteering hours and the economic return of the opportunities, and builds a database of volunteer activists. Registration and usage is free for all users, whether they are firms or individuals. Moreover, organizations can subscribe to additional features.The Community Empowerment Company is currently operating M3an App. , and we are seeking to establish an independent entity to be able to expand and spread in the Arab world.
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