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Environment Track


We are targeting Saudi-registered startups that work on solving challenges in stopping deforestation, protecting biodiversity, achieving food & water sustainability, combating pollution & climate change, developing clean energy technologies, conserving natural resources, & other related issues.


1st place:
SAR 100,000
2nd place:
SAR 25,000
3rd place:
SAR 15,000

Beside cash prizes, the participants in the competition will receive the following benefits:

  • Top tier training and mentorship by Saudi Arabia most talented and experience entrepreneurship experts and mentors.
  • Expansive networking opportunities through our the bootcamps, competition, and conference.
  • Media exposure and outreach with national and regional media outlets and social media channels.
  • Equity free prizes from the StartSmart Competition and access to investors from our expansive network.
  • Access to work spaces and additional support through our success partners across Saudi Arabia.

Eligibility criteria

  • Each team should have at least two members.
  • At least one member of the team should hold Saudi nationality.
  • The company should be legally registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The startup should have a viable product or service that addresses an environmental problem or promotes sustainability.
  • The startup should offer environmentally friendly products or services in the following areas: challenges in stopping deforestation, protecting biodiversity, achieving food & water sustainability, combating pollution & climate change, developing clean energy technologies, conserving natural resources, & other related issues.
  • The startup should have annual revenue between SAR100,000 and SAR1,000,000.
  • The company should not have received funding exceeding SAR1,000,000

Nominated teams

Around half of the world's seafood production comes from aquaculture, which has led to new sustainable solutions, such as land-based salmon farms that use RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) technology. Salmon can be grown from egg to harvest using this technology, in a fully controlled healthy living condition that mimics their natural environment without any addition of antibiotics, hormones, or any negative impact on the oceans and the environment.
The food Waste Recycle process converts commercial food waste into high-value animal poultry, Our technology consists of five key steps to convert food waste into animal feed A fundamental point of difference of the Tetraloop technology is that we collect and process different waste streams separately This enables us to store different dry materials of similar nutritional value and use them as ingredients when formulating our complete feeds
WAJAD | ‫د‬‫ج‬َ ‫و‬َ
At WAJAD, we redefine agriculture through circular innovation. By converting organic waste into valuable assets like fertilizers, bio-stimulants, and enriched soil, we foster sustainability and food security while diminishing reliance on chemicals. Our approach harnesses microorganisms, blends materials ingeniously, and employs IoT monitoring. The result? Soils revitalized, plants thriving, and abundant, high-quality yields - all infused with the essence of forests and naturally repelling pests. This encapsulates WAJAD's commitment to a greener tomorrow.
SARsat Arabia is a space startup in the GCC and Arabia that designs and develops small satellites to do Earth Observation (EO) using Synthetic Aperture Radar and provide data for many sectors to support decision makers.
Taher | )‫ر‬‫طه‬ ( ‫تطبيق‬
The ``Taher`` Project collects and recycles waste through an app, rewarding users with points for each kilogram of waste they contribute. These points can be exchanged for rewards. The project aims to motivate individuals and businesses to recycle by providing an easy-to-use platform. Waste collection and recycling are facilitated using modern technology in collaboration with waste management companies. The project offers competitive pricing, quality services, and 24/7 support, making it an excellent choice for both individuals and businesses.
Ivvest on a mission to make the future of agriculture accessible in MENA, through building the new indoor farming eco-system along with innovating smart, efficient, modular, profitable and affordable solutions!
TrustIT empowers a network of services providers helping individuals and companies to manage circular way their electronic devices throughout their whole lifecycle, from purchasing to maintaining by repairing or buying and selling refurbished devices until their end of life by collecting as e-waste and applying green circular economic methodologies.
We are also working to offer to companies an Asset management platform to help them track their devices and IT lifecycle and help them reaching decarbonization with quick actions and KPIs monitoring.
Bgayackrab | ‫سكراب‬ ‫بقايا‬ ‫تطبيق‬
An application that directly purchases scrap pieces from customers by allowing them to request the sale of scrap items within the app. The application accepts the request and sends an employee to the customer's location to inspect, weigh, and purchase the scrap pieces directly from the customer, eliminating the need for the customer to visit us.
``Greening Deserts via Modular Aeroponics: Revolutionizing Sustainable Agriculture``
The project, ``Greening Deserts via Modular Aeroponics,`` aims to address pressing challenges of water scarcity and greenhouse gas emissions in traditional farming by introducing cutting-edge automatic modular aeroponics. Our objective is to revolutionize crop production in arid regions through mist-based cultivation, conserving water, and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. This innovative approach, coupled with a closed-loop water recycling system and futuristic design, not only enhances resource efficiency but also adds aesthetic value to agricultural landscapes. By integrating farming and recycling, we envision a circular system that fosters sustainable agriculture across Saudi Arabia, contributing to a greener and resilient future while mitigating the impacts of climate change and water scarcity.
AAWA R&D has developed the Remedium Network Enterprise Emissions Accounting blockchain and software suite, designed to assist companies of varying sizes and sectors in collecting, processing, and reporting essential emissions data. This aids in generating concise reports for stakeholders and monitoring environmental metrics throughout the year, allowing companies to establish carbon budgets, reduction goals, and prioritize impactful areas. Apart from software, AAWA's service involves advisory on emissions data structuring, implementation, and upkeep, along with vital training and change management for successful integration. Beyond environmental implications, emissions serve as a clear indicator of a company's resource and energy efficiency, aiding in informed decisions regarding energy, suppliers, and raw materials in product and service production.
NABATIK is a Climate Tech start-up that aims to make the kingdom green by digitizing tree planting efforts in an inclusive and sustainable manner, making it accessible to everyone. NABATIK platform is a pioneering national social project that aims to increase plant density in the Kingdom through an electronic platform and technical innovation that seeks to digitize afforestation efforts on scientific basis. The platform also provides the first tree innovation map in the Gulf region that enables tracking trees and calculating their environmental benefits, such as calculating the percentage of carbon sequestration rate and air quality improvement from each tree, moreover, issuing certificates of plantation for each individual, whereby trees can be named for each individual and companies. Such a relationship will create emotional touch between the tree and its planter.
Plastus Biotec
Plastus is a biotech startup that has a patented technology to convert organic waste into 100% biodegradable bioplastic (PHA or Polyhydroxyalkanoates). We ferment organic waste in bioreactors to extract biodegradable bioplastics from within the bacterial cells. PHA bioplastics biodegrade safely in soil and in the ocean. The integration of PHA should reduce the reliance on fossil fuel, and alleviate the burden on supply chain. PHA bioplastics has $0 end of life cost because it biodegrades safely in soil and in the ocean, unlike most other types of bioplastics that requires a special processing plants to technically degrade which has a higher disposal cost than fossil- based plastics.
SuRa is a marketplace platform centered around the solar energy market, providing various services, including automated economic feasibility studies and requesting proposals from registered vendors (currently 5 registered companies).
SuRa stands as the pioneering Saudi platform connecting solar energy companies directly with beneficiaries. The solution addresses the challenge of finding appropriate offers for solar panel installation. The platform's smart approach creates an enhanced market space for the energy sector, particularly in solar energy.
THIRD is an environmental enterprise introducing an eco-conscious solution to minimize paper waste by replacing paper receipts with digital ones. Their innovative application acts as a digital bridge between customers and retailers, enabling customers to receive their purchase receipts digitally at the cashier counter. This shift reduces the environmental impact associated with paper receipts and promotes sustainability. THIRD's user-friendly approach encompasses a customer app for receiving and storing digital receipts, while retailers can seamlessly issue these receipts through the THIRD platform without altering their existing point-of-sale systems. This streamlined process facilitates easy adoption for retailers and contributes to a greener future.
Charge Your Health
The idea involves converting kinetic energy from exercise machines placed in public spaces into electrical energy. An app accompanies these machines, allowing users to engage in physical activity while enjoying music and health tips. Augmented reality enhances the experience, enabling users to exercise while virtually exploring different locations. The generated energy powers public facilities, and users contributing to energy generation are rewarded. This concept integrates health, tourism, renewable energy, and technology into a comprehensive platform. The project, ``Charge Your Health,`` aims to promote exercise, raise awareness about renewable energy, and engage individuals in a holistic approach to wellness.
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