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Saudi - Ideas Track Semifinalists

After11 aims to save food waste in the KSA and help restaurants solve the problem of their surplus food by selling food for less than its original price through the App.
Global warming and the decreasing amount of non-renewable energy sources is serious trouble. So, we have to find a cheap and sustainable renewable energy source to depend on it. But the problem is that most renewable energy sources are expensive. And so, the project aims to manufacture our developed organic solar cells and sell them as solar panels or integrate them with devices and sell them in the local market. Organic solar cells are cheap and have wide applications due to their lightweight and flexibility.
Torod is a web platform that enables E-commerce Store Owners (Merchants) to connect their store, sync orders, and assign them directly to the best-fit shipping provider in KSA. Torod platform will recommend the best shippers based on: Product Type, Size, weight, shipping origin point, destination. Then, will allow merchants to compare different shippers and Service levels in order to make an informed decision.
Rymotely is all-in-one finance and business management software designed to help micro and small businesses run their businesses easily and efficiently in one place. It is a one-stop app to manage clients, projects, proposals, contracts, invoices, income, and expenses all in one place.
Ebram is a mobile application designed to operate on smartphones and tablets, and it is one of the special applications that provide strategic development solutions to support the Saudi market, targeting financially distressed startups. In Ebram platform, a contract is concluded between the company and job seekers, so that the return for them comes in the form of shares in the company instead of salaries, and then they receive periodic profits from their shares.

Pan Arab- Ideas Track Semifinalists

Renewable and sustainable energy is what we strive for in our pursuit to develop a new generation of Autonomous-Unmanned-Aircraft-Vehicle. These aircrafts will make the world more connected and pollution-free.
Pure Planet co
The first factory in the Arab world to manufacture a vertical axis turbine, which holds a Jordanian and an American patents. New design that ensures maximum utilization of wind energy. The starting speed of the wind is 2 meters per second. Causes no disturbance, bears all harsh weather conditions, and not require constant maintenance or cleaning.
HEXAFRESH is the new personal climate control technology device that cools, warms, purifies, dehumidifies and refreshes a specific zone. It's portable, doesn't need any drainage and uses an Ecofriendly-Greentech cooling technology. Our personalized AC unit covers a specific 1.8m^3 spherical volume. HEXAFRESH requires 85% less Elect-consumption compared to convectional ACs. Also, without the need to install a compressor, therefore, the device can be moved anywhere in the house without installation!
Pine Tech
The first Arabic and English-speaking smart stick is designed to enable the blind and visually impaired to interact with the surrounding environment and integrate them into the community to maximize their self-reliance.
The stick helps the blind and visually impaired avoid all the dangers that stand in their way and endanger their daily lives (high and low obstacles, stairs, potholes, water, darkness). The stick is also chargeable with low battery alerts.
NanoGuard is a StartUp-to-be focused on creating antimicrobial surface ‘’Nano’’particles-based coatings that will ‘’Guard’’ surfaces from microbial growth for prolonged time reaching more than fourteen days. This will decrease the frequency of disinfectant application, which is more convenient and economic.
Mawsuah is an Arabic content rewarding platform created for expert communities using blockchain technology. Mawsuah helps content creators to finally publish the only approved and reviewed content using a blinded systematic peer review process, while giving content producers the space to create their own profile and interact with followers adding the social aspect to their experience on the platform.
Many people travel to new places and are looking for interesting experiences to have a good time, but they find themselves between the hotel and the routine. Or they need time to find things to do, whether it's through their friends or social media. And even if you meet a person you do not know if he has experience or certificates in the field.
Our motto: ``Write it and Holexp executes it``. Holexp integrates and bridges programming and electronic design in an innovative way. Holexp is a bilingual subscription-based e-learning platform that enables learners to use simple natural language in order to code, build and run a variety of hardware projects using microcontrollers. It offers a rich open source hardware library for users to choose from. Learners can write instructions using plain Arabic or English sentences describing how they want their circuit to behave.
Diwama LTD
Diwama provides waste management companies with an AI-powered image recognition software for automating the material composition analysis of waste streams to improve sorting operations and drive recycling revenues.
There are more than 100 Billion USD of recyclables lost in the environment every year. More than 85% of the recyclables are not being recovered and reintroduced into the economy and therefore around 25 USD per ton of waste is lost.
Green Gold
The use of eco-friendly technology, leadership and innovation in the recycling of food waste to produce organic fertilizer (compost), and bio-methane gas to be a useful and safe source, instead of accumulating them in a landfill and causing environmental pollution and high rates of greenhouse gases.
Ajjerni is a peer to peer rental marketplace that disrupts traditional consumption behavior and revolutionises how people gain access to items and services by providing a more sustainable solution for our users to experience everything they want to experience.
We are a tech startup that seeks to bridge the gap between deaf people and society by providing a two-way sign language translation platform, guided by a ``Programming as a Service`` (B2B B2C) business model, and powered by AI and machine learning.
We help healthcare organization to streamline their front, middle and back office, from Patient Acquisition, Patient Documentation to Billing in a bundled affordable solution.
Save your energy for the game - Fitchain is the digital sports application that allows you to easily book a court, organize a game and connect with players, anywhere, anytime.

Saudi - Startup Track Semifinalists

A bilingual Arabic and English platform that combines the host (property owner) and the guest (tenant) It provides housing solutions to help the tourism sector grow rapidly, so that the tourists have multiple options at distinctive prices, locations, and local experiences.
AlGooru is a tutoring network marketplace that connects students and parents with qualified on-demand tutors on a mobile app.
Car Trust
Car Trust Is a pioneering Saudi company specializing in aftermarket automotive consumer services such as inspections, certifications, and warranties.
We offer a variety of innovative products and services to car owners, car sellers, and car buyers across Saudi Arabia.
Aksbha.com is a multi-vendor marketplace that enables traders to enter the world of e-commerce and sell through the web with the best technologies and lowest costs and puts them inside a trading environment
We launched Murshdk at the beginning of 2020, and today it combines many tour organizers and guides, who can display and manage their tours with other options that make it easier for the end users to achieve the maximum benefit of the platform in a creative and innovative way.

Pan Arab - Startup Track Semifinalists

``Bildits is a patent pending STEM educational toy based on real construction processes where kids starting 6 years old learn about engineering practices and design and build the house of their dreams with their own hands by following every step of construction: from planning, to constructing steel structures, installing formwork, pouring cement, building masonry walls, painting, and more.
Soken, a customisable mobile corporate wellbeing platform designed to help every employee in an organisation be happier, healthier and more productive. We are a software-as-a-service platform that targets companies with over 100 employees, offering our service at a set monthly fee per employee.
Mental illness and exhaustion takes a negative toll on businesses in the form of absenteeism, presenteeism and reduced productivity, unnecessary staff turnover and more. Several studies conducted over the past year have shown an increase in mental health issues since the start of the pandemic.
For instance, The World Economic Forum found a particularly strong link between loneliness during the pandemic and a high risk of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and sleep disruption.
To help employees better manage their wellbeing, the Soken App comes equipped with physical challenges, workout plans, content, mental wellbeing programs, nutritional support, recognition and rewards.
Shezlong is the first and largest online psychotherapy platform that aims to giving people convenient and private access to professional counseling in Arabic. Founded in 2016 with more than 350 therapists and 100 thousands clients. We primarily target Arab-speaking natives who are mostly allocated within the MENA region. However, Shezlong has experienced significant traction from Arabs all around the world, hitting 85 countries, and still growing exponentially!

Shezlong is the one-stop mental wellness shop that people seek to feel better. Starting from reading detailed and scientific blogs to get guidance, taking psychometric tests (online assessments) to assess their current state, receiving recommendations on the most relevant therapists for your case and booking a session, that's all Shezlong. We're with you 24x7, and we're part of our clients' daily routine. And to do that, we empower therapists to become more successful and get closer to their clients.

Zaka is on a journey to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the MENA region and globally through sharing knowledge, building solutions, and connecting people! We are a remote, community-driven AI company designed to be an inclusive guide for organizations and individuals into Artificial Intelligence.
Gaming marketplace where gamers can trade gaming items with each others.
Sajdah is the world’s first smart educational prayer rug that makes it easy for new Muslims and children to learn and offer prayers. Prayer is one of the five fundamental pillars of Islam and establishes a direct link between an individual and Allah. But new Muslims find it difficult to learn the correct postures of prayer and recite the Qur’an verses. Parents also often have difficulties teaching their children how to offer prayer properly and recite the Qur’an. Sajdah provides a simple and easy way to learn praying by integrating smart technology into a high-quality traditional prayer rug.
Awfar SaaS Platform is an end-to-end solution that helps in monitoring, managing and improving retail on-demand ordering services and revolutionizing its operations through Artificial Intelligence. includes several modules that cover different stages of orders’ cycle, including communications channels, e-commerce Solutions, CRM module, inventory module, branch management and delivery management systems. All modules are cloud-based and can be accessed through any PC, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection
el-dokan, Inc.
El-Dokan is a smart and headless enterprise eCommerce software designed for growing and large retail stores in MENA to enable them sell online beside optimizing their operations and improve their conversion rates with Ai retargeting and machine learning.
IFIN Services
IFIN is the first of its kind Shariah-compliant, next generation buy-now-pay-later, Fintech solution that connects all types of Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) (including: banks, windows, finance companies, microfinance and crowdfunding platforms) with all types of retailers (physical and online stores including car dealers, electronics shops, furniture stores, healthcare and education providers, etc.) allowing customers to submit their finance applications to their preferred IFI, and get it approved instantly within 20 seconds. This game-changing solution is geared to redefine the way Islamic finance is being done, making it more innovative, profitable, and inclusive.
Yanzo is an on-demand personal assistant through texting, you can WhatsApp your requests and get it done within a couple of hours, starting from picking something from the mall or arranging a party, you name it we do it.
Dayra is a data-driven fintech company providing financial solutions to unbanked workers and businesses via API integration. We partner up with companies to empower them to offer financial solutions, such as prepaid cards, virtual accounts, and access to credit to their unbanked workers and customers. Dayra’s financial solutions are instant, hassle-free, and at a lower cost than traditional lenders.
Myelin-H is a neurotechnology (digital health) company developing and licensing AI software technology to help hospitals, doctors, and biopharma companies perform remote monitoring & diagnostics of different neurological disorders. The company offers two products, one designed for research to help hospitals and biopharma companies with their clinical trials to accelerate drug development, whereas the second one is a software-as-a-medical device technology for remote monitoring and diagnostics of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and depression.
Hakini, (“tell me”, in Arabic), is an online therapy platform that uses guidance for self-help intervention and teletherapy to increase accessibility to therapy and mental health care in Arabic. Hakini’s platform guides users to self-help interventions and evidence-based exercises. For advanced support we remotely connect and match users to therapists providing confidential care. It is the first online platform in the MENA region that makes therapy more accessible by offering its users to be their own therapist at their own time and with personalized support and an affordable price.
AS2 Systems
We have developed a command and control system that can give you autonomous control of any vehicle or vessel no matter how big or complex
Dawmt Smart HRM Solution
Dawmt is a Smart HRM Solution (cloud-based) supports any organization to start its Digital transformation journey in HR processes and automate all of it. Dawmt works without need for any hardware.

Dawmt smart mobile Application for Employee Self-Service enables the employee to Clock in/out workplace through his smartphone by using GPS based attendance technologies, Also the employee can get all his historical time sheets, apply for leave with attachment, apply excuses, send working report, Get his salary Slip, and more than 60 other valuable functions.

Dawmt Web portal enables the organization to manage its workplace easily and smoothly, like define the employees, locations, departments, shifts, Leaves, Holidays, Salaries, benefits, and all other rules.

Also, the organization will get many of valuable, Real Time, and Business intelligence reports about employees’ status, workplace, abnormal attendance, overtime, leaves, working hours, productivity…etc.

Dawmt Solution consists of multiple modules like: Attendance, Shifting, Leave Management, Payroll, Assets, Training, Disciplinary, Communication, recruitments, appraisal....

Saudi - Social Track Semifinalists

Famcare was launched in October 2020 with a mission to improve the mental health and well-being of people at home and work by providing the most affordable, accessible, and secure tele health services. It offers a psychological and social counseling session for the public “B2C”. Our primary goal in the launch phase was to provide a radical solution for all the obstacles that limit the beneficiary's trust in the consultation due to awareness and bad image.
Oqsosa project was launched as an establishment in March 2020

Oqsosa is an e-platform that aims to provide programs to build cultural awareness and different skills for children through literature.

- Now we are in the process of launching the platform and collecting revenue.
- We seek to launch more than 100 programs during the year, for more than 50 subscribers per month.

Working day and night to earn our partners trust and be one of the leading and most preferred one-stop mass impact service providers in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Everyone on Yomn team is on a mission of improving the quality of life for individuals and masses, by creating impactful programs/ technology solutions using versatile engagement models.
Mind APP
Certified by the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority as a Social Entrepreneurship Establishment, Mind is one of the social entrepreneurship projects that aim to achieve social impact and financial sustainability. The business model is divided into two parts: B to C, where Mind serves as an intermediary between the customer (the service requester) and the specialist.
Madd Platform
Madd is an e-platform that provides digital solutions to enhance learning and development opportunities for students with disabilities outside school by activating the use of technology and distance education and supporting digital transformation in education for people with disabilities.

Pan Arab - Social Track Semifinalists

VEA™ was born from a conscious purpose to contribute in preserving the environment. Being Fashionably Responsible, we are in the business of upcycling inner tire rubber tubes into fashionable, handmade rubber bags, purses, wallets, belts and accessories. All our products are designed by talented Lebanese fashion designers and handcrafted by our skilled tailors, with the collaboration of Société Saint Vincent de Paul – Liban for our side work. The rubber used in our product comes from used bicycle, motorbike, car and truck inner tire tubes.
Bonocle is a company aimed at improving the lives of the blind community through technology. Our evolution has been driven by our close connection with the community and our customer-centric strategy being the defining aspect behind all our developments and operations. Our goal is to further integrate blind people in classrooms and workplaces while having equal access to technology.
Zelij Invent
Zelij Invent is an innovative provider of building and housing material solutions that integrates eco-friendly practices and green technologies in its products. We are transforming plastic waste and plastic-based gears into eco-friendly construction material.
Paltic is a Social Enterprise that focuses on reducing plastic pollution in Lebanon and the Region, by recycling tons of plastic waste and transforming them into multi-purpose panels. Since the beginning of 2021, we developed our new machine and MVP that is compromised of the recycled plastic boards. The boards have a current dimension of 1mx1m, and vary in thicknesses between 1cm to 2cm. With our initial lab tests, they are water resistant, heat resistant, and re-recyclable. The boards also have a terrazzo-like texture and come in a variety of colors, giving the client a wide set of options.
Innovative energy optimizer that assists refugees in camps, remote areas' residents, and people who have access to utility grid. The key factor is the high level energy management feature, a ``game-changing`` feature. AI-based algorithm with blockchain-based transaction system enable the most promising optimizer features. The optimizer is adaptable to any energy optimization solution in camps, isolated areas energy market place, and in the developed open energy markets. It relieves any energy stress on utilities or funding agencies where intervention to tackle such essential index is impossible by them.
Let Us Learn
Let us Learn is a business name under greentel co., Ltd. The main objective behind establishing (Let us Learn) is to create and deliver a valuable educational content to Sudanese Students in a very cheep price currently(1 $/month). Students can access to the content through our Android application, and web portal. Under the trade name (Let Us Learn) we have 3 running Android apps and one web portal, we have 200,000 students access to our content. We also sell the content in a very low price in a flash disks. The educational content we offer includes, videos and interactive questions and answers database.
We examine and evaluate facts to find solutions for challenges by creating social entrepreneurial projects and leveraging on our resources to support the most socially disabled communities in Lebanon (mainly through women and youth empowerment and socio-professional reintegration). . We also empower people to elevate and overcome their vulnerabilities through development, guidance, education and training. We merge people's concerns and initiate projects to create job opportunities for marginalized and unskilled individuals, intending to solve their social disability and burdens through economic solutions.
Alternative Solutions
Alternative Solutions is a company whose goal is the valorization of palm's waste, by the production of an alternative wood 100% ecological, more resistant and cheaper, with characteristics much more interesting than the usual wood, certified according to European standards in the Ceribois laboratory in France.
ReFuse’s mission is to work with underserved communities affected by waste hazards, enabling them to sort recyclables and get rewarded for them. Where most people see a pile of waste, we see resources and opportunities to improve lives.
SchoolX is an international EdTech social impact startup, started in 2019 in UK to provide quality education. We achieve this by using technology to revolutionize education, especially after COVID-19 in Middle East and Turkey.
Up-fuse is a women led social enterprise that creates lifestyle products like Bags, footwear, and Apparel made from recycled waste. Our products are modern, functional and help create job opportunities for different sectors in the Egyptian society.We work with different NGO's who support women around Egypt to produce our pieces.'
Key2enable Assistive Technology
Key2enable caters to parents, healthcare professionals, teachers of Special Education, schools, and rehabilitation centers by providing innovative Assistive Technology tools that together with a unique inclusive educational platform empower People of Determination to develop their skills and individualities to efficiently use computers and mobile devices for communicating, learning, gaming, work and ultimately live with greater autonomy to be economically sustainable in the future.
Shabab Lab
Shabab Lab https://shabablab.com is the first social innovation e-learning platform in the Arab world. Currently, Shabab Lab operates under Riyada for Social Innovation SAL but plans to establish its own headquarters in the GCC very soon, in Riyadh or Abu Dhabi. Shabab Lab aims to become the ``Coursera`` for Arab youth, equipping them with the needed 21st-century skills to conquer the future of jobs. More importantly, Shabab Lab focuses on three main pillars: technology, entrepreneurship, and the social good which are crucial for the youth to master as a mindset. The platform serves as a virtual innovation lab where high-schoolers can tinker, innovate, and create technology-based solutions for real social problems in their communities based on the UN2030 agenda.
The initiative of LiveLoveRecycle came to life in 2017. When the garbage crisis started to hit Lebanon, Georges Bitar, one of the founding members of LiveLoveLebanon, couldn’t watch the streets of Beirut being flooded with garbage. One solution to this problem was to increase the recycling rate in Lebanon in order to decrease the amount of garbage that piles up in our landfills. He approached Uber and conducted with them a 3 months experiment which consisted of passing by the citizens’ houses to collect the recyclables upon demand. At the end of trial, Georges decided to launch LiveLoveRecycle and surrounded himself with a team of environmental enthusiasts whose sole goal is to make Beirut Greener and Cleaner.
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