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Ideas Track


We are looking for Saudi-led innovative and validated business ideas that have the potential to be transformed into successful startups but lack the necessary funds to do it.


1st place:
SAR 20,000
2nd place:
SAR 15,000
3rd place:
SAR 10,000

Beside cash prizes, the participants in the competition will receive the following benefits:

  • Top tier training and mentorship by Saudi Arabia most talented and experience entrepreneurship experts and mentors.
  • Expansive networking opportunities through our the bootcamps, competition, and conference.
  • Media exposure and outreach with national and regional media outlets and social media channels.
  • Equity free prizes from the StartSmart Competition and access to investors from our expansive network.
  • Access to work spaces and additional support through our success partners across Saudi Arabia.

Eligibility criteria

  • Each team should have at least two members.
  • At least one member of the team should hold Saudi nationality.
  • It is not a requirement for the startup to have an MVP, but if it is, it adds value.
  • The teams should have practical evidence of the proof of concept and their prototype.
  • The company should have a proven business model and a clear plan for achieving growth.
  • The ideas can be in any industry, including industrial, service, commercial, technological, digital, or other.

Nominated teams

Mgra platform has been established in aim to connect all trusted beekeepers to adopt beehives in order to produce a large amount of purely natural honey with decent quality and affordable price. This platform was very successful, and the first brand of its kind was launched, as it won the first place in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation, “Society Misk,” Innovation Diwan. Our mission is to stop the negative trend of increasing the rate of bee decline
Rafah AI
At Rafah Al, we provide affordable mental health and support utilizing smart technologies. The idea revolves around creating an innovative digital platform that uses Al chatbot to provide psychological and emotional support and raise the health well-being of individuals using non-pharmacological treatment methods (cognitive behavioral therapy). Rafah Al analyzes conversations to be able to provide a customized care plan and continuously analyzes data to improve quality of services to solve the challenges people face in accessing mental health care, including shortages of specialists and treatment costs. In addition to that, we also make connections with institutions, clinics, universities and other mental health service.
Space Copy
Space Copy is a start-up company developing technology for the first multi-purpose interplanetary manufacturing device that combines lunar regolith (soil) sampling, FTIR/Raman spectroscopy, spectral data analysis, algorithm-based machine learning, and 3D printing into one mechanism. Space Copy is a cutting-edge device for in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) lunar manufacturing that works to reduce the costs of frequent payload service missions, as well as reduce the amount of pollution and debris emitted by continuous resupply missions sent to the lunar surface to sustain long-term human presence. Space Copy will provide an innovative solution to the aerospace industry's greatest challenges in a reliable and efficient manner.
Hasa Molecular Solutions (HAMS)
A biotech startup that aims at the beginning to produce purified and fluorescently-labeled antibodies and other proteins. We aim to develop a smart phone application that simulate customer needs in these antibodies and proteins are highly required in academic research and diagnostic laboratories. The proteins and antibodies are easily produced by recent technologies in laboratory through cell lines. The produced proteins can be tailored based on customer needs and specifications, and already we have produced fluorescently labeled in the laboratory and used during some experiments. These labeled antibodies produced significant images as compared to the commercially available ones.
Magic Pin
The project involves a patented medical device designed to address the increasing issue of bone fractures across various age groups due to accidents, falls, and sports injuries. The problem lies in the lengthy recovery, pain, and complications associated with traditional surgical treatments using metal plates or rods. This innovative solution offers a minimally invasive alternative for bone fracture fixation, eliminating the need for major surgery. The small size of the device ensures quicker recovery, reduced hospital stay, and lower costs, allowing patients to swiftly resume their daily activities without the burdens of surgery-related complications.
iCashier is a digital menu SaaS product that enables coffee shops and restaurants to create digital menus, accept orders, and payments from customers' smartphones using QR codes without the need for an app.
Organic Waste Management Solutions
Organic Waste Management Solution KSA (OWMS) provides a sustainable solution to all organic waste using Black Soldier Larvae (BSF) fly. OWMS have developed a patented technology to minimize nitrogen content of organic wastes using BSF treatment by producing high quality fertilizer and fresh larvae ready for sale. Also, pyrolyzing the BSF solid waste to produce low-nitrogen content biochar and producing high valued-products by extraction from BSF solid residuals are the start-up’s second phase.
Aqar Bot
The use of artificial intelligence technology in creating a service that helps property seekers to identify information and statistics about the location of the property (general and historical information, types and distance to the available services near the specified property, population - traffic - economic statistics, currently running projects near the location) and many other information that helps the real estate searcher in finding the right real estate.
Waheej Digital Publishing House
With the development of technology and the rise in the proportions of writers and e-readers, the establishment of Waheej Digital Publishing House supports the writers and aims to facilitate the process of publishing books to the community in an official and professional manner. It fully preserves the author's rights and contributes to reducing the financial cost. The existence of Waheej House aims to create a reliable and safe environment for the emerging and capable writers of society. Dar Waheej plans to be a pioneer in the field of electronic publishing, to facilitate the discovery of the unpolished talents to give them the opportunity to enjoy the publishing process. Dar Waheej will be a reliable reference for visual content makers, making it easier for them to find innovative, original, and appropriate content.
Connected Vehicles - To connect vehicles and work on evaluating driving behaviors, providing the best insurance for the vehicle, and maintaining a lower carbon emissions rate by monitoring them, paving the way to achieve smart cities.
Ads Store
The Ads Store app aims to revolutionize advertising in Saudi Arabia. Serving as a comprehensive platform, it offers individuals the opportunity to promote their products at affordable rates, eliminating the reliance on influencers for promotion. Users will discover a variety of ads by influencers, companies, and product owners, categorized into different sectors. This innovative approach shifts the dynamic, making users actively seek out these ads rather than skipping them on social media platforms. Moreover, users can personally advertise their products and select a preferred timeframe through our advertising packages.
``Hamla`` is an application and website that connects customers with tour campaign organizers, as well as pilgrimage and Umrah institutions. The application allows customers to access facilities and book religious or tourist trips using the latest technologies.
Intravenous cannula device
This device is derived from the vein detector device. The device remotely searches for veins using infrared rays. When it approaches the hand, it projects a visual image of the veins on the surface of the hand. This image reveals details beneath the skin. Self-administered intravenous injection technology has also been incorporated into the device, allowing it to detect the vein and perform automatic injection.
SRED Testing com
The innovation revolves around medical devices. The primary problem addressed is the limited sensory control or weakness in certain patients, hindering their ability to perceive sensations through touch, smell, movement, or hearing. The proposed solution involves sensory rehabilitation, aiming to overcome this challenge and effectively improve long-term functional deficits.
The concept involves creating a cybersecurity training platform that employs a Capture The Flag (CTF) challenge-based method to provide practical training in penetration testing and vulnerability management. This solution addresses the lack of practical experience among cybersecurity students and graduates in identifying, exploiting, and addressing vulnerabilities due to the absence of suitable resources. The platform aims to offer an interactive environment for hands-on learning, skill development, and preparation for the cybersecurity field, catering to both Red Team and Blue Team professionals.
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