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Startup Track


We are targeting Saudi-registered startups, who are characterized by high-growth potential, are run by skilled, experienced teams, established traction with clients, and have promising projections.


1st place:
SAR 100,000
2nd place:
SAR 25,000
3rd place:
SAR 15,000

Beside cash prizes, the participants in the competition will receive the following benefits:

  • Top tier training and mentorship by Saudi Arabia most talented and experience entrepreneurship experts and mentors.
  • Expansive networking opportunities through our the bootcamps, competition, and conference.
  • Media exposure and outreach with national and regional media outlets and social media channels.
  • Equity free prizes from the StartSmart Competition and access to investors from our expansive network.
  • Access to work spaces and additional support through our success partners across Saudi Arabia.

Eligibility criteria

  • Each team should have at least two members.
  • At least one member of the team should hold Saudi nationality.
  • The company should be legally registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The startup should have a viable product or service, a customer base, and sales.
  • The startup should have annual revenue between SAR 100,000 and SAR 1,000,000.
  • The company should not have received funding exceeding SAR 1,000,000

Nominated teams

siolla. is a micro-investing app that aims to solve the problem of people not saving and investing enough, particularly those with limited financial resources or little investment knowledge. The app rounds up users' daily purchases and invests the spare change in low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It also offers other features, such as recurring investments, personalized portfolios, and educational resources, to help users grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals. siolla makes investing accessible and effortless, allowing anyone to start building their investment portfolio with just a few dollars.
A business intelligence cloud-based SaaS that seamlessly integrates with local POS systems to build comprehensive, actionable insights from joined-up data for F&B retailers to enhance profitable decision-making and improve customer satisfaction.
An innovative marketing and technology solutions company in the field of tourism tours and guides, tailored to match the impressions of tourists. We provide several solutions to these problems such as creating a marketplace gathers tour guides in one place and enables tourists to choose the appropriate guide according to the requirements. In addition to that, cusprovided a control panel for the guide in which he can manage his tour with ease and ease and with exceptional advantages. We also provided a saas that solves the problem of managing tours for tour operators without the need for specific technical costs or obstacles.
An app specialized in gamifying the football match sector, starting with pre-match gamification such as predictions of scores, each team lineup, and man of the match, to in-match gamification including predicting VAR results and penalty shooting direction, to after-match gamification such as voting for the best player, and rating each player performance.
With these gamification actions users earn points and coins which can be redeemed in our auction-based in-app store where you get to compete with other users to earn your favorite digital giftcards.
Logexa provides the largest on-demand warehousing network across the Kingdom. It connects warehouse providers who have underutilized space with customers in need of flexible storage solutions through an integrative user friendly platform.
HORIZOONX is a B2B Marketplace platform for building, operating and growing F&B businesses. We Provide a one-stop shop for restaurants and cafes which caters for all of their needs from products & services. This includes products such as kitchen equipment, F&B supplies, disposables, as well as services such as Marketing and Training. We also enable F&B businesses to streamline their monthly orders of products and services per branch and to monitor their spending through a seamless financial tool. We also offer idea stage entrepreneurs a step-by-step tool to build their own restaurant or cafe from scratch. This tool guides them through all the required steps from designing the brand identity and designing the kitchen until the launch date of the business. All of this in a seamless e-commerce like experience with a variety of marketplace options at every step.
An electronic platform specialized in the field of inspection of used cars before purchase, according to international standards and advanced technological systems through the best experts specialized in types of cars.
Spectra is the first telemedicine and e-care center offering diagnosis, treatment, and training services for children's developmental and behavioral disorders. Our multidisciplinary teams are carefully selected according to competence and international technical and professional standards. Our Partnerships are the Ministry of Health, Autusim Saudi Society and Wa'ed via Saudi Aramco. Our Achievement provides more than 500 therapy sessions for more than 100 rural patients, including diagnosis and interventional therapy.
Hana for Honey
Hana Al Almaei Honey Trading Company, a testament to the pioneering spirit of a young Saudi woman from Rijal Alma, Aseer region. Recognized as Saudi Arabia's first female beekeeper by the Minister of Agriculture, this journey started over a decade ago with a passion for honey sales, gradually evolving into a respected brand in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf, with a market value of 14 million Saudi Riyals. With over 70,000 satisfied customers and a commitment to quality and credibility, the company stands for local and imported products that embrace Saudi Arabia's bounty, marrying tradition with excellence. Today, Hana Al Almaei Honey Trading Company has emerged as a significant wholesaler and retailer, not just promoting honey but also women's empowerment and cultural heritage, serving as an inspiring example of entrepreneurship and success.
Beats Company
The idea of this project is based on innovating, developing and manufacturing respiratory products that can be used as single-use medical products. and it will be locally manufacture that can fill the market gap with quality products, locally available, affordable and customized based on local demand.
Rich Experience
The startup provides travel services, tourist experiences, and arranges land and sea trips within Saudi Arabia. It also offers transportation services, tourist guidance, and
souvenir gifts. The objective is to address the challenge of offering cost-effective and
prompt travel experiences for individuals. This is achieved through an online platform
that presents appropriate experiences and trips for customers at affordable rates and
convenient timings.
A premier Saudi commission-based marketing platform which offers a fully automated system connecting a multitude of merchants with affiliate marketers. Merchants can enlist marketers who receive unique codes, earning commissions upon successful sales. The company supports projects across various fields, aiding merchants in boosting sales and brand recognition, while providing marketers an additional income avenue through creative marketing efforts, devoid of capital investment.
A protein application provides services that help improve an individual's life through
Dietary and sports systems that help to lose or gain weight and increase muscle mass through:

  • 700 food items according to the person's preferences and information, calculated by calories and macarose and in a preparation method of 5-20 minutes.
  • 230 workouts with detailed explanations, depending on preferred days.
  • The ability to follow and talk to the trainer and watch the standard indicators
  • 18 additional features

SAVIR stands as a prominent technology-driven knowledge solutions provider. Catering to the educational needs of academic institutions, including universities, colleges, vocational institutions, and schools, it furnishes Science and Engineering Labs with industry-standard vocational and technical training aids encompassing simulation systems, demonstration, and instrumentation equipment. Spearheaded by a dedicated team of programmers and education specialists, SAVIR's virtual labs offer accessibility, usability, and affordability, recognizing the significance of hands-on experimentation in science education. Their product not only delivers an immersive virtual lab encounter but also supplements it with enriched content, enhancing students' comprehension and knowledge.
Camion is a logistic technology firm specializing in first and middle-mile goods transport. Their mission aligns with the kingdom's vision of becoming a logistics hub. As an open and neutral supply chain platform, CAMION employs technology to facilitate trade, promoting industry innovation, reducing trade barriers, and fostering global trade. By championing open standards, trust, and participation, CAMION is reshaping global supply chains, enabling collaboration, data sharing, and digitization benefits. Data is sourced directly, enhancing real-time supply chain management. Camion dismantles data silos among trading partners, streamlining documentation flow for shipments. Originating in Saudi Arabia, Camion secured first place in TRANSTHON and gained recognition from the Ministry of Transportation for its innovative logistics technology solution.
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