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First winner:
SR 100 000
Second winner:
SR 25 000
Third winner:
SR 15 000

We are targeting high impactful startups who are legally registered in Saudi Arabia, with skilled and experienced team members, and scalable and expandable business or social activities


1st winner
Quantum Solutions
2nd winner
3rd winner
Ironix Mix


  • Ranam
  • Live the adventure
  • SHAKL 3D Printing Service and Marketplace
  • Sihatech
  • Majalisapp
  • Menwall
  • Hadiya Registry
  • Avocado/Good Fruits
  • Tweetso
  • Fassel
  • Juleb

Quantum Solutions

The biggest market for quantum dots is for LCD display application. Currently only two types of quantum dots are available: Cadmium selenide (CdSe) and indium phosphide (InP) that are not fully compatible with customers’ requirements. LCD producers are not satisfied with CdSe quantum dots because of high toxicity and InP quantum dots because of low performance.On the other hand, due to ramping up of quantum dots demand, the industry requires higher production volumes and cheaper prices. Currently companies aren’t able fully comply this demand because of using traditional batch processing – a system that has several drawbacks such as poor scalability, lack of reproducibility, and high associated costs.

To answer this pressing need, Quantum Solutions has developed a new generation of quantum dots (Perovskite Quantum Dots and Zero-Dimensional Perovskites). These have efficiency comparable or even higher than CdSe quantum dots and are significantly better quality than InP. At the same time, materials are free of toxic cadmium.

Quantum Solutions has also developed proprietary technology for large- scale synthesis of quantum dots. Its reactor enables production of quantum dots at a larger scale than traditional manufacturing reactors, as well as being of higher quality and with improved cost-efficiency (due to low raw materials waste).

Osman Bakr
Co-founder, Chairman and CSO
Jun Pan
Co-founder and VP of R&D
Lutfan Sinatra
VP of products
Marat Lutfullin
Chief Executive Officer

Avokado/Good Fruits

Avocado is a leading service in fresh fruits and vegetables retail through the internet in Saudi Arabia, delivered to your doorstep. Our service is the leading one in this segment. We work on delivering fresh fruits and vegetables in an easier and faster way across the Kingdom. We guarantee the best quality of products with an unforgettable service. Our professional tools of service and technology facilitates our customers’ life by making the basic needs of fruits and vegetables available at a click of a button. Moreover, we are distinguished by the diversity and high quality of our choice of fruits and vegetables, to earn our customer confidence and so they put us as their first choices.


Hatem Al Harbi
Development, Marketing and Sales Officer
Saleh Al-Tuwaijri
Investor, Legal and Financial Management Officer

Ironix Comix

Due to the presence of a large group interested in producing comic books, whether by writing or drawing, we established a Saudi company to produce and publish Arabic comic books. We aim at building an interested and productive community of Comics Art bearing an Arab identity by connecting painters and authors to produce Arab stories, print and publish them.


Sama Al-Badawi
Creative Director
Hind Al Otaibi
Executive Director
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