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First winner:
SR 100 000
Second winner:
SR 25 000
Third winner:
SR 15 000

We are targeting life changing social enterprises, which are legally registered in Saudi Arabia. It can be only for-profit enterprises.



An education company providing several specialized programs and courses for children to develop skills required by the 21st century Saudi job market. These skills include: learning, innovation, awareness of the media and technology, as well as personal and professional skills.
Cube Dx
Cube Dx a Saudi Austrian partnership worked since 2015 to address an unmeet medical need we are changing the gold standard of Sepsis diagnosis. our solution is powered by an IP protected Highly Multiplexed Molecular Based Testing to save lives of forty seven millions individual affected annually and one fifth of global deaths many of which are preventable if diagnosed early.
The WHO in 2017 stated that The Early Diagnosis and Early Accurate treatment a Global Health Priority. On September 13 , 2020 The WHO Director General Dr Tedros stated on Sepsis that The World must urgently step up efforts to improve data about this terrible condition so all countries can detect and treat sepsis in time. he stressed the Need the Following Action :1, Scale-up Funding for Research. 2,improve surveillance. 3, Develop Rapid , Affordable & Appropriate Diagnostics 4, Engage & better educate Health workers & Communities.
Sepsis is a KILLER let's Fight it Together.
Many parents suffer from their children's reluctance to read and their poor skills due to technology. We have designed programs and products in innovative and modern ways that suit the age characteristics of children so as to encourage them to read and to develop their skills. This is done for small reasonable fees to ensure the sustainability of our work
Empowering Corporate social Responsibility through Circular Economy Solutions by recycling Surplus Materials & Obsolete Inventory for a Sustainable Resources.
The Chef
The chef is the largest online platform that brings together Saudi productive families in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide the best healthy and unconventional meals. It displays the products in a distinctive and attractive way and deliver them to the customers. Payment is done in a safe and smooth manner using modern means without the hassle of going to the provider of the product… All his is done under one platform.
Since one of the 2030 Vision goals is to increase the opportunities provided for productive families and help them spread widely, the idea of “the chef platform” was born. The platform plays a role in organizing the work of productive families and help them spread widely and in an orderly manner. It introduces their products to the platform users uniquely so that the application would be a basic mean for their prevalence.
Tawasal for assistive technologies targeting people with disabilities is the first association concerned with improving the quality of life for this category using technology.
Tawasal adopts the social entrepreneurship model to produce software and technological systems that would fill the gaps and complete the services provided by the relevant rehabilitation centers, ministries and associations that are concerned with people with disabilities.
Further, depending on digital manufacturing, 3D designing, sensors technologies and the Internet of Things (IOT), the association works in collaboration with a group of creative people to innovate assistive tools and accessories .
Tawasal seeks to effect independence and self-reliance for all people with disabilities with some products that suit our Arabic language and local culture while keeping pace with modern technologies and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The Arab Institute for Women’s Empowerment-Nusf is a female leadership organization to help Saudi women develop professionally, lead in the corporate world, and make a positive impact on the economy, www.nusf.org. We work to help build capacity and empower women in Saudi Arabia and eventually the Arab world based on three pillars; Equip, Research, Connect:
1- Equip: is a three tiered leader training program for professional women in business from entry level up to executive.
2- Research: Provides research, analysis, and data to women’s growth trends, economic participation, and gender gaps. There’s a gap in data and information on women in Saudi Arabia.
3- Connect: An initiative to bring down social barriers by connecting with men and women through
A. Nusf Voices: a series of podcasts on the stories, challenges, opportunities for women and the men who support them.
B. Monthly Leadership Talk
C. SWEF-Saudi Women Economic Forum
D. Walk-the-Talk mentorship walk to guide women
The CoCreate Fellowship, the Saudi cohort of the Humanistic Co-Design Initiative, is a cooperative of individuals, organizations and institutions working together to increase awareness about how designers, makers, and engineers can apply their skills in collaboration with people who have disabilities through the humanistic co-design process to develop new and innovative assistive technologies.
Connect SA
Connect is a platform to connect high school students (mentees) with professors (mentors) to provide the students with an opportunity to conduct a graduate-level research project. To match all students' interests, we collaborated with various universities and research centers in different STEM fields. Notably, one of the centers we collaborated with is the Center of Excellence for Aeronautics and Astronautics at the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, which works directly with Stanford University’s Aeronautics and Astronautics department.
Our organization not only placed among the top 10 teams in the MIT Arab SciTech IDEAthon, but our passionate students are competing for first place in the Saudi National Science Fair (IBDAA). Due to the progression of our organization, we were approached by King Salman Science Oasis for a collaboration to have our students represent Saudi Arabia in international competitions. Several Connect students started publishing their papers.
TAGitGames is a platform that uses phone technology to create fun real-life engagement between people online as if they are competing in front of each other.
In the Middle East, and specifically in Saudi Arabia, the current health system is unable to withstand the increasing population and the growing rates of diabetics; or to provide them with the required service. This has led to several complications, the first of which was their inability to cope with the disease. The cost of individual treatment was thus pushed higher leading to massive deficit.
The problem can not merely be solved by building more hospitals or better ones. It, however, requires better employment of our potentialities and resources, including auxiliary health specialties or those pursuing certain works that are not related to their health majors. This explains why Ethnein platform is launched.
Ethnein is a platform that connects people with chronic diseases with (trained) specialists who help them overcome many obstacles that can lead to further complications and this is done for a monthly subscription.
Helper Robot
An entity specialized in robotics and technologies that are originally innovated by Saudi youth with a passion for science and industry; and that have occupied a place among the community leadership projects and the world of entrepreneurship.
The first platform to teach creativity and instruct creators using a narrative-driven design approach. In Ryya, students (older than 7) learn the adequate way of thinking to find innovative solutions for their real life problems.
Baligh is an Arab educational platform to build the skills of the younger generation, including their logical, linguistic, and mathematical skills.
Baligh's competitive edge comes from creating unique content on the fundamentals of sciences and skills. Users are trained using intensive gamified techniques, with daily and community challenges to increase motivation.
Baligh follows a freemium business model. Students can have limited training for free, and if they want unlimited training, they can subscribe to one of our monthly or semi-annual packages
Baligh's skill training covers:
1. capacity testing
2. Retention testing
3. General secondary school examination
The third category targets more that a million students every year, many of whom face challenges in preparing for these life-defining exams that determine their eligibility for higher education.
Baligh has served more than 50,000 students and we are working to make it the first destination for secondary school students.
We also intend to expand top middle and primary education, and increase our reach in the Gulf and the Arab World.
Ad Astra
A platform that brings together specialists and families with children with special needs to perform in home therapeutic services.
The targeted children challenges are; learning difficulties (such as dyslexia), ADHD, developmental delays for children below the age of three years old, Down syndrome, autism, intellectual disability and hearing disability.
The targeted specialists are; special needs therapists, pediatric psychologists, pediatric occupational therapists, pediatric physical therapists, pediatric speech pathologists.
The therapeutic services will be held in the child's original environment, his home.
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