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SR 15,000
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SR 10,000

We are looking for innovative and scalable ideas that provide effective business or social solutions.



Nommas is a professional vision solution provider to promote automation for smart manufacturing towards industry 4.0. Based on advanced research in computer vision and machine learning, we train the machine to ``understand`` what we see in real production. Operations that used to be achieved manually can now be promoted into automation at a degree much faster, cheaper, and more accurate. In the current stage, we are devoted to help diversify the kingdom's economy by promoting automation for 7000+ industrial manufacturers of 20+ key categories.
Uvera introduces a technology that is capable of doubling the shelve life of fresh foods. Our technology uses a specific wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) to destroy the DNA of different kinds of bacteria and foodborne pathogens that causes food spoilage and foodborne illnesses. Our solution is free-of chemicals, compact, portable and user-friendly hardware that can be installed inside any refrigeration setups to provide food disinfection and environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity levels. The technology is patented and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Ghallah is a Management system that enables the palm farm owner to monitor the labor force, and regulates the process to maintain the palm health. Ghallah supplies real-time data on palms crop conditions in the fields. Using AI in Agriculture to improve dates and palms farming practices and gives the labor and farm owners an opportunity to consult experienced agricultural engineers by reporting the problems with photos sent, this will help to collect big data and enhance machine learning and image processing in Ghallah. By providing a Better control over the internal processes including Harvesting, pollination and detection of infection, as a result, lower production losses. By that, we allow foreseeing the output of farm production and planning for better resources ../distribution.This data can be used to track the state of the farm and predict the next step of the process accordingly. Thus, it will effectively prevent diseases or infestations that could harm the crops or create losses.
AKGAPP is Software/App | Education/Training designed to fit Autism kids to develop autism kids skills and make them acquire a new skills using educational games. And also develop the skills of parents by giving them a progress report for the kids, and also training and coaching through programs designed specifically for the parents to help them maintain the skills of their kids and contribute to bringing parents and the child to the meeting and communication point
Our augmented reality location based helps pilgrims during hajj and umrah by preventing them of being lost in direction or individual, our app also provide IPTT communication tool in order to solve the translation issue for pilgrims, utilizing Ai
A platform that brings together professional independent private businesses / freelancers in Saudi Arabia in all creative fields, including graphic designing, engineering, interior designs, motion graphics and digital design, with startups and entrepreneurs, who are looking for independent private businesses / freelancers services at competitive prices suitable for their budgets.
Glamour Express
Glamour Express! New idea in the Saudi market which is defiantly in a very high demand that gathers all the beauty professionals in one place to facilitate the booking and payment transactions for the customers, where customers can book any type of beauty service through the application. On-demand beauty services nowadays is one of the highest demand services in the region, and having a mobile application as a main source will help a lot to utilize it as a main solution. Customers can book the service, pay for it and track the service provider from the point of accepting the service, map tracking, arrival point and completing the service. Customers will be able to rate the service which will enable other customers to see reviews of the service provider. It will allow other people to read the reviews and evaluate the services and have more transparency and confidence in their choices.
DORMAG has developed an environment-friendly proprietary technology to artificially regulate the growth cycle of cold climate crops, enabling satisfactory yield even in warm climates. The technology is fast, more effective and safe. Stringent governmental laws and increasing global warming require more effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to the currently used toxic and less effective chemical sprays and artificial chilling. The idea initiated between university professors from plasma technology and agriculture fields. The idea was later tested and proved to work, and therefore, a patent was filed. This technology generated excitement and appeared as news at several scientific news websites eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-11/aps-wsp110218.php The problem is global and becoming urgent due to global warming; Dormag wants to be the solution to this problem. We are starting regionally but aim to expand globally and already found potential customers in several countries.
iCashier App
Mobile app that allow customers to order and pay for Dine in, Take out and Pickup services without Waiters or Cashier present. No need to wait in long line just to order and pay. Simply put ``Digitally transform the ordering process``
Arabic is one of the fastest growing languages in the world. Arabi is an autocorrection software for grammar errors and style enhancement. It fills in the niche in the market as no full range Arabic language corrector is currently available. It targets more than 420 million users of Arabic on the internet, in addition to millions of non-Arabic speakers who are striving to learn the language that is described as the language of the future. The software depends on deep learning and regenerates data from users’ responses. It operates on a freemium business model that attracts large number of users to use basic features for free, advanced packages are purchased B to C and B to B.
We solve the problem of high water consumption during a shower by providing a greywater reuse system, to help residential property owners reduce their water bills and countries sustain their water resources.
Firnas Aero
Firnas Aero provides Drones as a Service (DaaS) for industrial applications. We specialize in airport inspections using UAV’s and computer vision AI to detect anomalies in real-time to help our clients make corrective decisions.
An electronic service consisting of an electronic device and an application for smartphones. The “Rshed” (rationalize) device is installed next to the electric switchboard to monitor consumption and calculate the cost around the clock for all home devices such as air conditioners, lighting …etc. Cutting down electricity costs for the user by maximum 30% is the main goal of this service. It can also be used to monitor electricity consumption at factories and other buildings while providing advice on how to curb it.
Inspired by the Quranic verse “And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” (54:17) and the Prophetic Hadith : “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur'an and teaches it.`` I innovated the first electronic Qur’an for the blind in cooperation with a team from various authorities. It is a tablet that contains the pages of the Holy Qur’an in Braille, the method used by the blind to read letters - yet electronically. The movable Braille cells are 28 in number formed as per the letters. Certain buttons are there to help the blind reach the page, part or surah he wants easily through few simple steps.
It is an electronic educational platform that displays illustrated stories for children. Such stories narrate our history and heritage in a smart way making use of certain presentation tools that appeal to children (hologram - VR glasses - projector). All these help the child interact with the story and allow him/her to choose the tool he likes to watch the story.
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