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Social Enterprise Track

First winner:
SR 100 000
Second winner:
SR 25 000
Third winner:
SR 15 000

We are targeting life changing social enterprises which are legally registered in Saudi Arabia, it can be only for-profit enterprises.


1st winner
2nd winner
3rd winner
Blooming Bs


  • I have a Dream
  • Maya Clinic
  • Labayh
  • Basmatna Initiative (Foster a child with your old device)
  • Farmers Shop
  • Mojtm3 Ta2
  • Aquaponica
  • Rofoof
  • Etqan and Ekhteyar (Mastery and Selection) Institution
  • Red Sea Channel
  • Blooming Bs (Blooming Box, Brain & Body)
  • Feed Platform to Treat Poverty/ Tatbiqatak (Your Applications) Institution for Information Technology
  • Quot/ Qout (Nutrition) Family Company Limited
  • Fund Time Center for Child’s Hosting

Winners of Round 1 MIT Enterprise Forum


Psychotherapy is still considered taboo in Saudi society and people suffering from mental difficulties are often afraid and ashamed to seek professional help. And yet, statistics suggest that more than half-a-million people sought psychological treatment at governmental clinics in 2015 and google reporting 100,000 monthly google searches about psychology and family related issues in Saudi Arabia.Additionally, research suggests that in Saudi Arabia four in ten people suffer from sleep disorders, three in ten suffer from anxiety, and two in ten suffer from depression.

Labayh aims to address this issue. Providing useful free content and consultation sessions, our mobile application works as a point of connection between consultants and users. Our users can receive consultations either via in-app messaging, or in-app audio call. Importantly, Labayh helps them to solve their own problems from home completely anonymously.

At Labayh we can provide variety of services, and offer remote 24/7 access to professional consultants anywhere and anytime, while completely protecting our user’s identity.


Basim Albeladi
Chief Executive Office
Abdulrahman Albeladi
Chief Operating Officer
Raed Ali
Chief Technology Officer
Andrew Azmi
Growth Hacker


Aquaponica identifies itself as an environmental engineering company operating in the industrial sector and the industry of agriculture and farming machinery. The company’s core focus and main business activities include the design, installation, maintenance, training and consultation, and operation of commercial aquaponics systems.The main advantages of using aquaponics systems stem from the fact that it allows the conservation of 98% of the water used in conventional agriculture. They also increase efficiency due to the dual use of land, facilities, and employees. They minimize energy consumption, as well as other costs associated with the production. Aquaponics produces high-quality produce and fish in a much shorter time and with at least double the quantity of traditional farming.


Mohammed Qahwaji
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Mai Julaidan
Business Developer
Saleh Farea
Suhaib Halawani
Abdulrahman Dammak
Abdulaziz Alhouti

Blooming Bs (Blooming Box, Brain & Body)

As a mother of two lovely children I aim to provide my children with healthy and delicious food choices. At the age of six my daughter became aware of healthy food and she started to select what is good for her body and brain. However, some school canteens are battling my efforts by providing junk food. I believe that this issue and others have contributed heavily to the issue of childhood obesity epidemic. School canteens providing children with junk food is a genuine issue that require instant action and we want to create an impactful change in children’s lifestyle.Blooming Bs (Blooming Box, Brain and Body) is a social enterprise that is devoted to providing children with healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals. Our mission at Blooming Bs is to combat childhood obesity in Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries by promoting healthy eating habits. This includes educating children and parents about the importance of healthy food and lifestyle, providing children with healthy food choices, and creating a community of future healthy eaters.


Rihab Hasanain
Founder & Executive Director
Mai Altamimi
Abeer Hasanain
Public Relation Manager
Alanoud Altamimi
Social Work Specialist
Maha Alanazi, Mouna Alobaidi, Alhanouf Alisa, Maryam Alzahrani, Ibtesam Almalki
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