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The StartSmart Competition 2023 was a transformative journey that encapsulates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. This report will summarize the various stages of the competition, highlighting the key achievements and milestones that have shaped the entrepreneurial landscape for the participants. From the immersive Training Bootcamp to the Physical Demo Day, each stage played a pivotal role in fostering talent, nurturing ideas, and celebrating innovation.

Ideas Track Winners

1. Rafah AI
At Rafah Al, we provide affordable mental health and support utilizing smart technologies. The idea revolves around creating an innovative digital platform that uses Al chatbot to provide psychological and emotional support and raise the health well-being of individuals using non-pharmacological treatment methods (cognitive behavioral therapy). Rafah Al analyzes conversations to be able to provide a customized care plan and continuously analyzes data to improve quality of services to solve the challenges people face in accessing mental health care, including shortages of specialists and treatment costs. In addition to that, we also make connections with institutions, clinics, universities and other mental health service.
2. Organic Waste Management Solutions
Organic Waste Management Solution KSA (OWMS) provides a sustainable solution to all organic waste using Black Soldier Larvae (BSF) fly. OWMS have developed a patented technology to minimize nitrogen content of organic wastes using BSF treatment by producing high quality fertilizer and fresh larvae ready for sale. Also, pyrolyzing the BSF solid waste to produce low-nitrogen content biochar and producing high valued-products by extraction from BSF solid residuals are the start-up’s second phase.
Mgra platform has been established in aim to connect all trusted beekeepers to adopt beehives in order to produce a large amount of purely natural honey with decent quality and affordable price. This platform was very successful, and the first brand of its kind was launched, as it won the first place in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation, “Society Misk,” Innovation Diwan. Our mission is to stop the negative trend of increasing the rate of bee decline

Startup Track Winners

1. fanZ
An app specialized in gamifying the football match sector, starting with pre-match gamification such as predictions of scores, each team lineup, and man of the match, to in-match gamification including predicting VAR results and penalty shooting direction, to after-match gamification such as voting for the best player, and rating each player performance.
With these gamification actions users earn points and coins which can be redeemed in our auction-based in-app store where you get to compete with other users to earn your favorite digital giftcards.
2. siolla.
siolla. is a micro-investing app that aims to solve the problem of people not saving and investing enough, particularly those with limited financial resources or little investment knowledge. The app rounds up users' daily purchases and invests the spare change in low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It also offers other features, such as recurring investments, personalized portfolios, and educational resources, to help users grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals. siolla makes investing accessible and effortless, allowing anyone to start building their investment portfolio with just a few dollars.
3. Ballurh
A business intelligence cloud-based SaaS that seamlessly integrates with local POS systems to build comprehensive, actionable insights from joined-up data for F&B retailers to enhance profitable decision-making and improve customer satisfaction.

Social Track Winners

1. amplifAI health
The project addresses diabetes in the MENA region, a widespread issue leading to foot ulcers and amputations. The solution aims to enhance accuracy of current screening methods by introducing reliable screening techniques for early detection of foot complications. This could reduce amputations, improve patients' lives, and lessen the financial burden of diabetes-related foot problems.
The core objective is to enhance health outcomes while minimizing healthcare expenses by augmenting clinicians' sensory capabilities. This goal is achieved through the introduction of innovative products. The initial offering integrates thermal cameras with advanced computer vision algorithms to establish an unbiased assessment method for diabetic foot ulcers. This advancement equips clinicians with a dependable means of identifying and tracking this significant medical concern.
2. Bahaa Adaptive Solutions
The initiative involves the production of adaptive clothing designed for disabled individuals, aiming to enhance their independence while changing garments and ultimately elevating their quality of life. These specialized garments boast qualities of sustainability, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties, aligning with environmentally conscious practices. Notably, the products are crafted entirely in Saudi Arabia, positioning the brand as the pioneer in the MENA region for producing adaptive clothing, thus contributing to the empowerment and well-being of disabled individuals
3. Ad Astr
Ad Astra's goal is to offer affordable early intervention services of high quality to all children with special needs, irrespective of their location or their family's economic status. The primary focus is to deliver superior services that enable families, caregivers, and professionals to help children achieve their full potential. Through employing the latest rehabilitation techniques and approaches to aid children in attaining their developmental objectives. Lathgha’s approach involves a thorough assessment and personalized plan for each child, as well as data analysis tools to track progress over time. Furthermore, the integration of leading data science and artificial intelligence methods will be employed to enhance service quality.

Environment Track Winners

1. SARsatX
SARsat Arabia is a space startup in the GCC and Arabia that designs and develops small satellites to do Earth Observation (EO) using Synthetic Aperture Radar and provide data for many sectors to support decision makers.
2. Ivvest
Ivvest on a mission to make the future of agriculture accessible in MENA, through building the new indoor farming eco-system along with innovating smart, efficient, modular, profitable and affordable solutions!
3. TrustiT
TrustIT empowers a network of services providers helping individuals and companies to manage circular way their electronic devices throughout their whole lifecycle, from purchasing to maintaining by repairing or buying and selling refurbished devices until their end of life by collecting as e-waste and applying green circular economic methodologies.
We are also working to offer to companies an Asset management platform to help them track their devices and IT lifecycle and help them reaching decarbonization with quick actions and KPIs monitoring.

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