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About the Competition

The competition pits entrepreneurs in Three different tracks: Startups, Social Entrepreneurship, and Environment Track. A total of 12 winners across the different tracks will receive cash prizes and will benefit from a range of other activities.

Startups Track

We are targeting high impactful startups who are legally registered in Saudi Arabia, with skilled and experienced team.

Social Entrepreneurship Track

Seeking profitable entities that address social issues through innovative solutions. Balancing social impact and financial gain.

Environment Track

We are looking for validated and innovative ideas that have the potential to be transformed into successful companies.



Individuals have applied to the competition to date
Established Startups as a result of the competition
Entrepreneurs benefited from various advantages
Equity-free investment awarded for project advancement.
Jobs created by the Competition Startups
The participants in the competition will receive the following

Advantages and benefits

Top tier training and mentorship.
Expansive networking opportunities.
Media exposure and outreach.
Equity free prizes and access to investors.
Access to work spaces through our partners.

About the Conference

Alongside the StartSmart Competition, we also offer the opportunity to explore new horizons to the participating entrepreneurs in the StartSmart Conference, where the audience can hear from decision-makers, industry leaders, and ecosystem experts in a day full of rich keynote speeches, engaging panel discussions, and more.

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