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First winner:
SR 100 000
Second winner:
SR 25 000
Third winner:
SR 15 000

We are targeting high impactful startups who are legally registered in Saudi Arabia, with skilled and experienced team members, and scalable and expandable business or social activities



SaNoor Technologies Inc. a startup at KAUST, seeks to commercialize laser optical wireless communication (OWC) devices and systems for high value next generation visible light communication (VLC) or LiFi and underwater wireless optical communication (UWOC). Our disruptive technologies will complement the existing 5G networks, and enable futuristic technologies and applications for 6G and beyond. SaNoor is listed as top 5 finalist in 2019 Nokia Open Innovation Challenge and we were invited to . We are one of the semi-finalists in SPIE Start-up Challenge at San Francisco, USA.
Imagine that you can discover if an individual is going to suffer from a certain disease decades before it happens. Recent advancements in DNA technology were able to link many genetic variations (called susceptibility markers) to certain pathological conditions; the aim was to identify individuals at-risk of these conditions. dr.GenatiX® is first Saudi-registered consumer genetic brand in the Kingdom. It offers patent-pending specialized analysis algorithms (coupled with machine-learning) to predict the susceptibility of the client to certain pathological conditions. The final report is in both Arabic and English. The service is being offered through our online store (the first online store to offer such advanced services in Saudi Arabia)
Workhint is a SAAS solution for organizations to manage pools of external experts as freelancers. Many organizations rely on external experts in certain business functions. For example, an incubator managing external network of mentors, a company managing an external network of advisory board, a training department managing a pool of external executive trainers, a hospital managing a pool of external second-opinion doctors, and the list goes on.
Telp is a tutor marketplace with high quality, vetted tutors, designed for busy parents that seek continuity in tutoring services through weekly lessons; Telp builds lasting relationships. During the pilot launch, over 9,000 hours of tutoring were conducted worth over USD 182,000. Telp is now ready to start its regional expansion, and has expanded to Riyadh.
GROA is a health IT company. We are solving the low quality clinical care by supporting our clients/doctors with a decision support system; GROA. Our product is a SaaS; B2B. Our clients are in the private and public sector and we're progressing with
fruits360 is a SaaS cloud-based analytical product that aims to provide retail businesses (currently restaurants and cafes) with easy access and real-time analytical reports via instant integration to a business’s Point of Sale Database in order to develop analysis and visualization that aims to decrease risks, increase revenue and enhance decision making. The product currently contains 7 modules (Sales, Operations, Payments, Advanced Analytics, Inventory, Customers, and Executive Reports) containing over 80 dashboards that offer a wide variety of features, some of which being: Advanced Retail Sales Analysis, Consumer Behavior Analysis, Sales Forecasting, Product Costing, Market Basket Analysis, and Inventory Optimization.
TeamUp aims to connect real-life activities and events to social-media in a HUMANIZED fashion. TeamUp is a comprehensive tool for organizing activities and events in a social-media style where creators can announce updates, detect number of attendees via GPS, allow attendees to chat with and rate each other, issue tickets with payments, and earn money.TeamUp has 4 tabs. The Discover tab is for users to search and be notified of recent activities/events around them according to their interest. In the Feed tab, users can interact through posts, images, and videos with their friends. In the Activities tab, users can create or join activities such as entertainment gatherings, mental, physical, and esports. Lastly, the Events tab is for users to create or join activities when attendees’ # ranges from hundreds to thousands and the duration lasts from one day to months such as soccer leagues or color runs. TeamUp represents the next big jump in social media where people get really socialized.
Ejaro is a peer-to-peer vehicle sharing marketplace that connects local vehicle owners with individuals who are looking to rent vehicles whenever and wherever they want. It empowers owners to earn extra income from their depreciating private vehicles by sharing it with Ejaro’s trusted community. Our services provide the ease and convenience of locating the nearest vehicles at competitive prices
``Rehlacar” is an application that brings together passengers and vehicle owners heading to the same destination at the lowest cost. The application is licensed by the Public Transport Authority. The idea behind the application falls under the principle of “participatory economics``
Grinta Hub
Grinta Hub platform for selling and buying sports events tickets offers you the opportunity to live the experience and attend the world most important matches and sports events with various hospitality and seats options under official and exclusive partnerships with the most outstanding European clubs.
An institution that provides services in the health and recreation sectors, by establishing the health Protein application with 4 services: 1 – Providing consultations, nutritional diets and exercises by over 15 coaches and nutritionists; 2 - A mediator connecting 5 stores and shops –and soon restaurants – to deliver healthy snacks and sport equipment; 3- A directory for more than 150 health restaurants and shops around the Kingdom; 4- More than 52 weightlifting videos for all the body muscles. One of our initiative is to create an electronic game with virtual or 3D technology to make aerobic exercises performed through entertainment. This is done through games played in different environments “forests - seas - mountains ...”. One example for such games involves a group of thieves chasing the user who is asked to run for 30 seconds. 10 holes then appear before him and to skip them, he has to jump 10 times. He is then attacked by some people who try to harm him and he defends himself by doing some boxing exercises. The game is yet linked to a virtual store and the size of the cartoon character changes by purchasing supplements from this store to get stronger and gain more power for the game. The game ideas took about six months to develop. For some financial reasons, the game is difficult to be implemented. We are, thus, working to convert it into a healthy card game including over 150 exercises featuring 150 creative ideas.
I Garage
“I garage” is a platform that links owners of workshops and spare parts stores with users. It is thus the first digital industry model around the world.
“Ri7laty” or my trip is an integrated online platform for school trips bookings and services. It connects schools and the destinations suitable for school trips. Through the platform (www.ri7laty.com), schools can search for the appropriate destination that suits the goals of its trips, see the details of the trip program, and book the trip at the appropriate time. There is also a possibility to reserve transportation means or healthy meals.
We are consultant team in educational Robot and AI. Vision: An advanced Arabic society in manufacturing robotics. Mission: - Development of national cadres with high capabilities in the field of robots.
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