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B8AK is an Smartphone APP-Based Home Maintenance delivery company established in saudi arabia. we allow users to order quality home maintenance services conveniently with only few clicks on our app.


Khalid H. Alhmili
Chief Executive Officer
Khaled Hassoun
Business Development Manager
Eyad Al Shabaan
Chief Technical Officer


Artistia.com is a social marketplace to buy directly from aspiring and professional artists and designers from the middle east where they can collaborate with one another and grow.


Lulwa Alsoudairy
CEO & Cofounder
Leena AlAufi
CTO and Cofounder
Marwan Cheguenni
CFO & Cofounder
Nermeen Ekramy
Social Media Specialist
Hassan Cheguenni
Director of operations
Shahad Qari
Graphic Designer and Filmmaker

Rock Paper Scissors

In a world that is fast paced digitally we are living together but alone. We are a toy making start up that help people and families connect, engage and rediscover the world around them through play . We believe in the power of play of unlocking creative wealth.


Rola Badkook
Rafaa Sahab
Jannah Baarmah
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