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First winner:
USD 15,000 (SAR 56,400)
First runner-up:
USD 10,000 (SAR 37,600)
Second runner-up:
USD 5,000 (SAR 18,800)

We are looking for innovative and scalable ideas that provide effective business or social solutions.

Saudi - Ideas Track Semifinalists

After11 aims to save food waste in the KSA and help restaurants solve the problem of their surplus food by selling food for less than its original price through the App.
Global warming and the decreasing amount of non-renewable energy sources is serious trouble. So, we have to find a cheap and sustainable renewable energy source to depend on it. But the problem is that most renewable energy sources are expensive. And so, the project aims to manufacture our developed organic solar cells and sell them as solar panels or integrate them with devices and sell them in the local market. Organic solar cells are cheap and have wide applications due to their lightweight and flexibility.
Torod is a web platform that enables E-commerce Store Owners (Merchants) to connect their store, sync orders, and assign them directly to the best-fit shipping provider in KSA. Torod platform will recommend the best shippers based on: Product Type, Size, weight, shipping origin point, destination. Then, will allow merchants to compare different shippers and Service levels in order to make an informed decision.
Rymotely is all-in-one finance and business management software designed to help micro and small businesses run their businesses easily and efficiently in one place. It is a one-stop app to manage clients, projects, proposals, contracts, invoices, income, and expenses all in one place.
Ebram is a mobile application designed to operate on smartphones and tablets, and it is one of the special applications that provide strategic development solutions to support the Saudi market, targeting financially distressed startups. In Ebram platform, a contract is concluded between the company and job seekers, so that the return for them comes in the form of shares in the company instead of salaries, and then they receive periodic profits from their shares.

Pan Arab- Ideas Track Semifinalists

Renewable and sustainable energy is what we strive for in our pursuit to develop a new generation of Autonomous-Unmanned-Aircraft-Vehicle. These aircrafts will make the world more connected and pollution-free.
Pure Planet co
The first factory in the Arab world to manufacture a vertical axis turbine, which holds a Jordanian and an American patents. New design that ensures maximum utilization of wind energy. The starting speed of the wind is 2 meters per second. Causes no disturbance, bears all harsh weather conditions, and not require constant maintenance or cleaning.
HEXAFRESH is the new personal climate control technology device that cools, warms, purifies, dehumidifies and refreshes a specific zone. It's portable, doesn't need any drainage and uses an Ecofriendly-Greentech cooling technology. Our personalized AC unit covers a specific 1.8m^3 spherical volume. HEXAFRESH requires 85% less Elect-consumption compared to convectional ACs. Also, without the need to install a compressor, therefore, the device can be moved anywhere in the house without installation!
Pine Tech
The first Arabic and English-speaking smart stick is designed to enable the blind and visually impaired to interact with the surrounding environment and integrate them into the community to maximize their self-reliance.
The stick helps the blind and visually impaired avoid all the dangers that stand in their way and endanger their daily lives (high and low obstacles, stairs, potholes, water, darkness). The stick is also chargeable with low battery alerts.
NanoGuard is a StartUp-to-be focused on creating antimicrobial surface ‘’Nano’’particles-based coatings that will ‘’Guard’’ surfaces from microbial growth for prolonged time reaching more than fourteen days. This will decrease the frequency of disinfectant application, which is more convenient and economic.
Mawsuah is an Arabic content rewarding platform created for expert communities using blockchain technology. Mawsuah helps content creators to finally publish the only approved and reviewed content using a blinded systematic peer review process, while giving content producers the space to create their own profile and interact with followers adding the social aspect to their experience on the platform.
Many people travel to new places and are looking for interesting experiences to have a good time, but they find themselves between the hotel and the routine. Or they need time to find things to do, whether it's through their friends or social media. And even if you meet a person you do not know if he has experience or certificates in the field.
Our motto: ``Write it and Holexp executes it``. Holexp integrates and bridges programming and electronic design in an innovative way. Holexp is a bilingual subscription-based e-learning platform that enables learners to use simple natural language in order to code, build and run a variety of hardware projects using microcontrollers. It offers a rich open source hardware library for users to choose from. Learners can write instructions using plain Arabic or English sentences describing how they want their circuit to behave.
Green Gold
The use of eco-friendly technology, leadership and innovation in the recycling of food waste to produce organic fertilizer (compost), and bio-methane gas to be a useful and safe source, instead of accumulating them in a landfill and causing environmental pollution and high rates of greenhouse gases.
Ajjerni is a peer to peer rental marketplace that disrupts traditional consumption behavior and revolutionises how people gain access to items and services by providing a more sustainable solution for our users to experience everything they want to experience.
We help healthcare organization to streamline their front, middle and back office, from Patient Acquisition, Patient Documentation to Billing in a bundled affordable solution.
Save your energy for the game - Fitchain is the digital sports application that allows you to easily book a court, organize a game and connect with players, anywhere, anytime.
We are a tech startup that seeks to bridge the gap between deaf people and society by providing a two-way sign language translation platform, guided by a ``Programming as a Service`` (B2B B2C) business model, and powered by AI and machine learning.
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