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Social Entrepreneurship Track

Social Entrepreneurship Track


We are looking for Saudi-registered innovative businesses and organizations, who are providing effective business solutions to social challenges, while also generating positive financial gains.


1st place:
SAR 100,000
2nd place:
SAR 25,000
3rd place:
SAR 15,000

Beside cash prizes, the participants in the competition will receive the following benefits:

  • Top tier training and mentorship by Saudi Arabia most talented and experience entrepreneurship experts and mentors.
  • Expansive networking opportunities through our the bootcamps, competition, and conference.
  • Media exposure and outreach with national and regional media outlets and social media channels.
  • Equity free prizes from the StartSmart Competition and access to investors from our expansive network.
  • Access to work spaces and additional support through our success partners across Saudi Arabia.

Eligibility criteria

  • Each team should have at least two members.
  • At least one member of the team should hold Saudi nationality.
  • The company should be legally registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The team should have a product or service that addresses a social problem through a profit-oriented model.
  • The startup should have annual revenue between SAR 100,000 and SAR 1,000,000.
  • The company should not have received funding exceeding SAR 1,000,000

Nominated teams

Permitech solution helps manufacturers improve workplace safety and productivity. There are 7 incidents every second because of poor health and safety management that relies on paper based manual methods, prone to human error. Permitech solution automate risk identification, providing 360 degree view for factory floor. Permitech offers a comprehensive software service that utilizes advanced AI computer vision and IoT integration to minimize workplace incidents, improve safety compliance, and protect the environment. Our solution encompasses three core elements: ``Predict`` for incident prediction, ``Prepare`` for data-driven decision-making, and ``Protect`` for real-time alerts and recommendations.
Minnha | ‫المعلومات‬ ‫لتقنية‬ ‫منحة‬ ‫مؤسسة‬
An electronic platform through which students can register in educational institutions and pay tuition fees through collective donations. The problem being addressed is the increasing financial barriers to education, exacerbated by reduced government support for higher studies, which in turn, limits the accessibility of higher or vocational education for refugees and individuals with limited income. Additionally, there is a lack of an educational support mechanism catering to donors within Saudi Arabia. The proposed solution entails the development of an online platform. This platform will enable refugee students and those with limited financial means to overcome tuition fee obstacles through university donations. By creating a channel for individuals to contribute to the educational aspirations of these students, the platform aims to bridge the financial gap and provide equitable opportunities for education.
Jasser | ‫ر‬‫جس‬‬
Jasser, a company that functions as a bridge aiming to reduce the gap between the higher education sector and the job market through various services and programs offered to students, universities, and companies via the Jasser platform. The significant gap between higher education and the job market negatively affects educational quality, the learning process, unemployment rates, innovation, and economic growth. With over 1.5 million university students, only around 250,000 to 300,000 graduates enter the job market annually, highlighting the urgent need for better alignment between education and employment opportunities. This misalignment hinders graduates from acquiring necessary skills for the workforce and inhibits economic development.
Ad Astr
Ad Astra's goal is to offer affordable early intervention services of high quality to all children with special needs, irrespective of their location or their family's economic status. The primary focus is to deliver superior services that enable families, caregivers, and professionals to help children achieve their full potential. Through employing the latest rehabilitation techniques and approaches to aid children in attaining their developmental objectives. Lathgha’s approach involves a thorough assessment and personalized plan for each child, as well as data analysis tools to track progress over time. Furthermore, the integration of leading data science and artificial intelligence methods will be employed to enhance service quality.
Axenda strives to empower students by providing data-driven educational technology solutions. The goal is to enable students to make informed decisions, visualize the consequences of their choices, all through an interface that aligns with their daily experiences.
The Axenda platform is a comprehensive system carefully crafted to cover all aspects of students' educational journeys. The platform, crafted with insights from a vast user base of over 100,000 individuals, introduces a modular ``Advisory System`` that can be personalized to suit the requirements of schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Additionally, Axenda offers two distinct applications tailored to meet the specific needs of students at different stages of their educational path.
KaRama IT
KaRama IT Co specializes in healthcare technology, with a primary focus on telemedicine solutions catering to children facing developmental disorders like ASD, ADHD, and Speech Delay. The company utilizes advanced AI and IoT technologies to enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and effectiveness of intervention techniques. Embracing a distinctive approach, the company integrates telemedicine with various therapeutic modalities, encompassing PT, OT, and SPT. The core objective revolves around democratizing specialized services, especially in rural regions, through a subscription-based model. The ultimate goal is to deliver individualized care, thereby empowering parents and caregivers.
Bahaa Adaptive Solutions
The initiative involves the production of adaptive clothing designed for disabled individuals, aiming to enhance their independence while changing garments and ultimately elevating their quality of life. These specialized garments boast qualities of sustainability, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties, aligning with environmentally conscious practices. Notably, the products are crafted entirely in Saudi Arabia, positioning the brand as the pioneer in the MENA region for producing adaptive clothing, thus contributing to the empowerment and well-being of disabled individuals
amplifAI health
The project addresses diabetes in the MENA region, a widespread issue leading to foot ulcers and amputations. The solution aims to enhance accuracy of current screening methods by introducing reliable screening techniques for early detection of foot complications. This could reduce amputations, improve patients' lives, and lessen the financial burden of diabetes-related foot problems.
The core objective is to enhance health outcomes while minimizing healthcare expenses by augmenting clinicians' sensory capabilities. This goal is achieved through the introduction of innovative products. The initial offering integrates thermal cameras with advanced computer vision algorithms to establish an unbiased assessment method for diabetic foot ulcers. This advancement equips clinicians with a dependable means of identifying and tracking this significant medical concern.
Lathgha | ‫لثغة‬ ‫تطبيق‬
The 'Lathgha' app is an innovative electronic application designed to address speech-related issues such as stuttering, stammering, dysfluency, and speech impediments. This is accomplished through a virtual speech therapist utilizing three-dimensional technology. The app also offers consultation and speech therapy sessions with expert practitioners through in-app video calls. A study found a link between speech disorders and anxiety in 93 individuals, potentially leading to psychological distress and substance abuse. These disorders hinder education and job prospects, while societal stigma deters adults from seeking treatment. High clinic costs pose another challenge.
A digital platform and software system that assists teachers in managing the educational process. It starts with setting goals and plans, and continues with monitoring student performance. The system offers comprehensive self-assessment through online psychological tests, along with providing recommendations and weekly, daily, and monthly reports on the status. Additionally, the platform provides initial assessment services for transitional services for people with disabilities, along with generating reports. It aids school administration and families in monitoring individual sessions and tracking student progress through the system. The platform also offers training for families and professional development for specialists.
The project aims to establish and oversee hybrid communities customized for corporate clients and businesses. Addressing the issue of inadequate professional networks and limited knowledge exchange, the solution departs from traditional loyalty approaches. The strategy involves orchestrating interactions with prominent public figures and entrepreneurs to cultivate thriving communities that bridge the gap between corporations and clients, fostering connections and promoting knowledge transformation.
A technological platform that offers services for early detection and intervention of developmental disorders and learning and behavioral issues through a comprehensive client experience. It begins with assessment and extends to all necessary services required by parents, teachers, or specialists, including consultations, early detection measures, artificial intelligence-based techniques, professional and specialized training, awareness, and education.
An online platform is exclusively designed to offer assistance services to individuals coping with multiple sclerosis. The overarching objective is to foster self-sufficiency among these individuals by facilitating their reliance on personal capabilities. This endeavor is realized through the implementation of an electronic platform that comprehensively caters to the myriad needs of multiple sclerosis patients.
Qalam is a social platform designed to publish extensive written content. Our mission is to enhance the online Arabic content landscape for over 420 million Arabic speakers. Addressing the issue of inadequate Arabic content on the internet, Qalam provides a solution by serving as a social platform for the publication of comprehensive Arabic content. This platform empowers bloggers and creators to effortlessly share long-form Arabic content online.
An application that offers a comprehensive range of services catering to both readers and writers, seamlessly connecting authors and readers. This platform facilitates communication and discourse surrounding books, including audio discussions. It further provides the ability to explore nearby bookstores, read reviews on both bookstores and books, and locate online points of sale. Additionally, users can create personalized blogs to express themselves. To enhance engagement, individuals can also share their reading experiences with the community, enabling personal growth and progression through various levels.
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