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SR 20,000
Second winner:
SR 15,000
Third winner:
SR 10,000

We are looking for innovative and scalable ideas that provide effective business or social solutions.



Genomez a Project of Medical Diagnostic Assays Designs PCR Tests & integrate Data science powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies to multiply capacity of existing molecular laboratory infrastructure.
The concept of Pooling is not new but it clinical dependability was questioned as next step if results were positive, with advancement of AI, ML technologies it became possible to tune pooling strategies based on datasets where an increase of lab testing productivity increase from 5 up to 30 folds with same infrastructure
Reopening of Positive Pool test is a challenge molecular diagnostic setup as resources of skilled personnel and the 2nd challenge to recall individuals pf positive pool for retest
Proposed solution uses 3 elements combined of AI , ML algorithms to dynamically design pooling strategy where the results are limited to less than 1% of false positive and no false negative where a test is sensitive enough in detecting Minimum infective LODs
We solve the problem of high water bills for homeowners by providing a small device that monitors the house daily water consumption and notifies the homeowner via an app once a leak is detected.
Sawty creates augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aids for people with complex communication needs.
Our solutions are co-created with users and practitioners early in the ideation and Inception phases and have gone through several iterations of design and development. Our approach and design philosophy is grounded in the solid scientific understanding of the physical and cognitive challenges of the individuals with speech and language impairments and aligned with the participatory design models
Estidama Idustry
Estidama is a Saudi company founded in 2018 by 3 young entrepreneurs to address 2 problems.
1st problem is the scarcity of high-quality protein products to feed the growing global population.
2nd problem is the excessive organic material waste streams in the region.
Since its inception, we've made great accomplishments in the design of an industrial solution to this lifelong problem, while also being recognized by many government offices and well-established platforms.
Honorable Achievements:

  • Raised over 2 Million Riyal for the R&D of an industrial facility to treat organic waste streams
  • Incubation by Badir Biotechnology & Badir Industrial accelerator
  • Completed the design of an industrial facility that adheres to the practice highest standards
  • Recognized and granted full government support by the highest office in Al-Qassim Region
  • MiSK Entrepreneurship world cup finalists
  • Hands-on experience of operating this technology in a capacity of 100 ton/day

Hakawati Game
Hakawati Game is a storytelling game (Playable Stories) that will take the players to complete a series of stories. where players can create, explore, and learn in a joyful environment. Our goals are to solidify a good manner and grow their curiosity.
A digital intelligent experience which offers project management framework to help individuals and small business owners in planning, designing and executing their decoration, furnishing or small construction projects
A platform to showcase rentable areas for individuals and enterprises, whether in residential or commercial blocks.
This includes:

  • Small warehouses
  • Offices
  • Videgame rooms
  • Product assembly centers
  • Delivery points

THEMAR is a Sharia compliant peer to peer purchase financing network. Its simple platform connects small & micro business purchasers to investors through its online funding platform.
THEMAR supports businesses with their purchases. Our purchasers are small and micro enterprises that want to finance their purchases swiftly and efficiently. Our Investors are individuals or institutional investors that want to grow and diversify their investment portfolio while helping the local economy.Purchasers can easily access capital for their short-term business purchasing needs while investors can earn Sharia compliant return on their investment.
Qawam corrects your posture by empowering you with alerts, data, and professional support. We provide a unique, smart, and socially invisible headwear add-on that can be attached easily to any headgear such as Saudi Traditional Oqal, Hijab, Cap, or Glasses. Our Qawam sensor will monitor your back and neck posture and alert you when you slouch or tilts your head. The alert will be by mobile notification or a gentle vibration from the device itself. The posture data will be saved over time, and our Qawam app generates daily, weekly or monthly reports that can be used by you or a medical professional to track your progress.
Design and build small satellites and launch them to Space, observe earth regularly and sell images to multiple sectors, such as: Security & Defense, Oil & Gas, Vessel Tracking, Agri, Urban & City Planning, and Environment & Ocean Monitoring
Aquash is a smart system to enable aquaculture solutions and provides end to end decision for farmers. Using cloud technology and AI, our solution collects and analyzes data in real-time. This system provides insights and guidance for harvesting production, feeding optimization, water quality management, and remote monitoring.
We took advantage of the 4th industrial revolution when new cutting-edge technology is skyrocketing such as IoT, Cloud, 5G, AI. Thus, we propose to integrate Artificial Intelligence into these components to better control the aquaculture systems. Our smart system can understand fish habits and the environment properly and deliver the needed amount of food optimally. Our smart system contains a hardware controller and web server platform that allows customers to remotely monitor their aquaria and get reports about the production improvement.
Mthmr is a savings app that allows its users to round up purchases and save the rounded up amount in a savings account. also it allows the user to directly deposit money to his/her account. Mthmr also offers its users a lot of cashback offers which can directly go to their savings account.
Mthmr analyzes the user spending behaviour and provide them with personalized advice to help them better manage their financial. along with other services like investment, money transfer etc.
White Helmet
WhiteHelmet is a platform that allow project owners, engineering consultancy offices and contracting companies to remotely do progress tracking, inspection, and digital documentation of construction sites.
Harreef is a programming tool that helps freelancers increase their efficiency, organize their work, boost their professionalism, and facilitation communication with clients using AI algorithms.
We provide this service through a desktop program that can be downloaded on laptops and PCs, and can be easily synchronized with other freelancing programs.
Vending Machine Layer
Nowadays most of traditional vending machine are hard to send to maintenance due to heavy weight and the necessity of selling more items on the location at the same time , however I found a simple way to design a new model of vending machines that could help the customer in maintenance and transportation and upgrading.
My design consist of layers , one above one , easy to install and easy for transportation , the customer alone could carry one vending machine in his personal car , and install it by himself. Easy to send one layer to the supplier maintenance if it fail rather than send the whole machine , or can replace one layer with a new model if customer want, and it can be upgraded in the future.
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