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Startups Track Winners

First Place: Fruits360
fruits360 is a SaaS cloud-based analytical product that aims to provide retail businesses (currently restaurants and cafes) with easy access and real-time analytical reports via instant integration to a business’s Point of Sale Database in order to develop analysis and visualization that aims to decrease risks, increase revenue and enhance decision making. The product currently contains 7 modules (Sales, Operations, Payments, Advanced Analytics, Inventory, Customers, and Executive Reports) containing over 80 dashboards that offer a wide variety of features, some of which being: Advanced Retail Sales Analysis, Consumer Behavior Analysis, Sales Forecasting, Product Costing, Market Basket Analysis, and Inventory Optimization.
Second Place: Telp
Telp is a tutor marketplace with high quality, vetted tutors, designed for busy parents that seek continuity in tutoring services through weekly lessons; Telp builds lasting relationships. During the pilot launch, over 9,000 hours of tutoring were conducted worth over USD 182,000. Telp is now ready to start its regional expansion, and has expanded to Riyadh.
Thrid Place: 3Dit Medical
The medical industry is unique in the aspect that almost all services are customised for each patient. However, this means that treatments can be very expensive and are often limited to what each doctor or hospital has available. 3D printing means that pieces can be created quickly, affordably, and are unique to the needs of every patient.

Idea Track Winners

First Place: Firnas Aero
Firnas Aero provides Drones as a Service (DaaS) for industrial applications. We specialize in airport inspections using UAV’s and computer vision AI to detect anomalies in real-time to help our clients make corrective decisions.
Second Place: Uvera
Uvera introduces a technology that is capable of doubling the shelve life of fresh foods. Our technology uses a specific wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) to destroy the DNA of different kinds of bacteria and foodborne pathogens that causes food spoilage and foodborne illnesses. Our solution is free-of chemicals, compact, portable and user-friendly hardware that can be installed inside any refrigeration setups to provide food disinfection and environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity levels. The technology is patented and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Third Place: Ghallah
Ghallah is a Management system that enables the palm farm owner to monitor the labor force, and regulates the process to maintain the palm health. Ghallah supplies real-time data on palms crop conditions in the fields. Using AI in Agriculture to improve dates and palms farming practices and gives the labor and farm owners an opportunity to consult experienced agricultural engineers by reporting the problems with photos sent, this will help to collect big data and enhance machine learning and image processing in Ghallah. By providing a Better control over the internal processes including Harvesting, pollination and detection of infection, as a result, lower production losses. By that, we allow foreseeing the output of farm production and planning for better resources ../distribution.This data can be used to track the state of the farm and predict the next step of the process accordingly. Thus, it will effectively prevent diseases or infestations that could harm the crops or create losses.

Social Track Winners

First Place: Jaleesa
We are a platform that connects mothers and fathers to babysitters who are qualified and accredited as per international standards. Babysitters can be hired at any time and any place on hourly or monthly basis. We work through the following ways: - The mother takes her baby to the nearest babysitter. - The babysitter comes to the mother in the latter’s place.
Second Place: Saudi Youth
SYAG is an organization that aims to create a platform between the entities that provide opportunities and the youth that seek them. We currently have 500 members and counting from around Saudi Arabia, who have been evaluated through applications. We have offered many opportunities, including 10,000 volunteering hours in less than a year and internship programs. SYAG operates in three major areas in Saudi: Makkah Province, Riyadh Province, and Eastern Province. Since launching SYAG in September 2018, we've had the chance to work with many organizations, groups, and initiatives such as the Albalad project, The Saudi Food Bank (Itaam), MiSK, DSCA, G20 Saudi Secretariat, and many others, as well as schools, initiatives, and student projects.
Third Place: AYA Animations
AYA Animations is a production company bringing values-based content to children everywhere. Through engaging animations, we create early childhood edutainment promoting universal values and moral education inspired by the Qur'an. Our content offers enriching and enjoyable experiences to inspire children to lead exemplary lives and leave a lasting, positive impact on their futures, peers and environments. By reinforcing universal good manners, values and ideas, we support a cohesive and morally conscious society. We aim to deliver values-based edutainment across a variety of media including apps, books, educational material and our hero series Aya and Yusuf. We aim to make Aya and Yusuf a leading brand, by creating characters that will be role models for good manners. Our guiding theme for every episode is virtuous living and performing good deeds.
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